Games to Blow Away the Competition! - 6 Ways to Ensure Yours Do.

XboxOz360 writes:

"'By making sure your game follows these Six Basic Development Steps, you will be sure to create an amazing title that will be enjoyed by the mindless masses for years to come. The more awesome you want your title to be the more of these steps you will want to follow..."

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crematory3823d ago

but they forgot to say you need talented developers and designers to do these things and make it up together ... not an easy job

thor3823d ago

erm... it was being sarcastic? you think repetition/lack of story/more of the same/release crappy dlc is what makes a great game?

gaminoz3823d ago

Ha ha...too true. Although with the exception of the spells and the horse armour the stuff they added in Oblivion was reasonable downloadable content. I think map packs for games that are released shortly after are the worse culprits.

darkdoom30003822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

Wait? this article is sarcastic right???

Have a crappy storyline
Be generic
Have bucket loads of repetition
Chop off bits of the game, then later add on as DLC
Base it off a movie.

If it aint sarcastic ... then wow. who came up with this?

EDIT: also haze IS a full Ps3 exclusive.

Rock Bottom3822d ago

That was a stupid article, every one knows movie ports suck.

jinn3822d ago

Gears 2 will definitely do just that