Blu-ray disc sales treble

While the NPD group reports this week that Blu-ray hardware sales are far slower than expected following the demise of HD DVD, the Blu-ray Disc Association says Blu-ray Disc movie sales trebled in the US in the first three months of 2008.

"The Blu-ray Disc Association says that Blu-ray players will be in roughly 25 per cent of US homes in three years, though the current estimate for the end of this year is still only that Blu-ray players will be in 1 per cent of US households, which seems to be more in line with the recent NPD reports."

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Lumbo3873d ago

i 2nd that ... treble????

ElementX3873d ago

That was a sweet song. I love the sound even though I have no idea what they're saying.

mikeslemonade3872d ago

I still tired of how they don't also classify the PS3 as a blu-ray player. 25 percent of households is roughly 28 million households currently. PS3 should reach 28 million in 2 years alone and standalone blu-players and computer blu-ray drives will make up some amount too.

nbsmatambo3872d ago

cool video, who sings it?

godofthunder103872d ago

i like br to,but people need to remember that dvd sales been dropping for 5 years in a row and it's not because of br.i hate to say it but if br movies doesn't catch on in the next 2 years then it will probaly be the ends for br because sony can't keep loseing money like that year after year.don't get me wrong,br will still be around for games and information but not just movies.look at it this way if yoy are a movie company and you have been makeing br movies for 4 or 5 years(counting the next 2 years)and every year you are loosing your a** off on br movies,will you still keep makeing them if it looks like br will never catch on and still lose your a** off or will you stop makeing them and save a sh*t load of's just good buisness to stop makeing them and on top of that,all your stockholders will start raiseinjg hell to stop makeing br movies.

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LinuxGuru3873d ago


Who the flying f*ck made this article? An 8 year-old?


Story reported.

alexM3872d ago

who are trying so hard to thwart SONY/PS3 and BLu Ray's progress
but it over MS for you and XFIX ME

Hatchetforce3872d ago

No, they are saying that you have to adjust your mixer settings in order to get the sound you want. Otherwise there is too much treble and midrange and not enough of the smooth bass sound you might like.

JoelR3872d ago

POG use a dictionary once an while ok?


1. three times as much or as many "

" 2. treble - increase threefold; "Triple your income!" "

Hatchetforce3872d ago

Joel, if someone is writing an article about reports from an organization having main offices in Japan and the US, they ought not use a term that is doubtless, to most of the English speaking world, borderline obscure.

JoelR3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

Oo Obscure? maybe to the non literate...

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MrBii3873d ago

Cos thats fking retarded. And there is nothing wrong with Blu Ray sales. It won, doesnt mean every will go out and get Blu Ray immediatly.

Euthanasia783873d ago

Is it treble? or bass? or terrible? Which one?

Denzelio3873d ago

"1 per cent of US households" Will have Blu-ray player by the end of the year, So that means 99% of U.S. households are missing out.. their loss.

v1c1ous3873d ago

with the way the economy is, i doubt 1080p is a pressing matter at this point

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