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NintendoEnthusiast's Jonathan Harrington: "If I were to describe Knytt Underground in one word, it would be 'contradictory.' In some ways, it’s everything I could hope for in a metroidvania-style game: it’s beautiful, intuitive, clever, and most importantly, fun. For large portions of the game, you are pulled into an almost dreamlike state, exploring the massive world and marveling at the eerie ambiance. It’s then that the game truly shines. But then, it turns around to have horribly unfitting dialogue and characters that pull you out of the experience that the developers work so hard to involve you in while the game simultaneously grows more and more tedious."

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fattyuk2465d ago

Oh yeah I remember this game I got on ps plus months ago , enjoyed it!

next gen? wii u? lol

sdozzo2465d ago

Played on vita months ago. Unique but a fun thing to play for a bit before bed etc.