NZGamer: Prototype Preview

NZGamer writes: "Radical Entertainment are a solid game developer, based in the Canadian capital of game development - Vancouver. Their stable of titles includes the recent Crash Bandicoot game, two of the best Simpsons-themed games in existence, Scarface, a bunch of other licensed stuff and of course Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. Largely ignored by many mainstream gamers (still sold pretty well), due to the attached license and all the baggage that such a thing brings to the table, Ultimate Destruction was actually an accomplished sandbox brawler. You really could destroy pretty much anything and feel right at home running around as the bumpy green giant, chucking cars around.

Now jump forward three years (nearly four by the time the game comes out, later this year). Imagine that same, well received game engine and concept, only now the Hulk is gone and these seasoned developers have spent time bringing their tech to bear on the much more powerful "next gen" hardware consoles, in the PS3 and 360. That's pretty much Prototype in a nutshell."

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