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Games like 'Last of Us,' 'Grand Theft Auto V' and 'Bioshock: Infinite' rewarded gamers who didn't get around to buying the next-gen consoles yet.

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FlunkinMonkey1762d ago

TLOU was robbed of the award at the sham that is 'VGX'. Not sure if i've seen one other site/body give GTA5 the GOTY, and nearly all to TLOU.

NukaCola1762d ago

Odd they gave Studio of the Year to ND but jipped them on GOTY.

FlunkinMonkey1762d ago

Certainly is.. VGX's aim is to appeal to the masses, appease the casuals and support the mainstream. WACK.

Bob Dole1762d ago

They're probably basing GTA5's GOTY award on the record breaking sales it accumulated. Not surprising really, a lot of people have the mentality that better sales = better game. TLOU was an amazing game for sure and a lot of people would agree it should have gotten GOTY, but meh who cares really?

FlunkinMonkey1762d ago

Yea, it's not a big deal.. Just interesting that you only have to look at the shocking quality of the VGX show to know how meaningless it is.

SkippyPaccino1762d ago

What other websites? Zelda 3ds won GOTY on

TLOU is getting robbed left and right... I guess they are trying to send a message to the industry "we will not support logical evolution in video games... Just give us more SNES Zelda and we will be happy. Sincerely, the gaming media"

SneakyDoo1755d ago

I hate how everyone says "robbed." As if it's even dramatic lol. It was VGX's council opinion, and they thought it should simply go to GTA V, fair enough. And no more of the usual "they only gave it to GTA V because it's the most popular currently." because last year they handed the award to TWD S1.

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bleedsoe9mm1762d ago

my opinion , gta , bioshock and the last of us are 1 2 3 , in what order depends on my mood , all are great !