Information on the development of GTA IV

This french website give details about the development of GTA IV :

- Cost of the development : $100 000 000
- Years of development : 5 years
- Employees : 1000 who worked 12 hours per days (few vacation)
- 100 000 photographs for the reconstitution of New York in the game

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TrevorPhillips5129d ago

damn what a huge as game but it was worth of making :)

ElementX5129d ago (Edited 5129d ago )

If the game took 5 years of development, the next Xbox will be out the the PS3 will be obsolete. They could still develop on the PS3 and the new Xbox in 5 years. Maybe it won't be exclusive.

BTW Wikipedia says 3.5 years of development, somehow I trust that more. Even in 3.5 years, the next Xbox will be out and PS3 might still be obsolete.

Well, I suppose if the new Xbox came out in 2 years it GTA5 would be pretty far behind in development.

Ghoul5129d ago

the long dev time is also mostly linked to the development of the engine, sure there is an insane amount of assets inthe game but a spin off like san andreas shouldnt take more then 1.5-2 years till release

Adriana Lima5129d ago

the ps3 is superior than the 360 and you're waiting til next gen so the ps3 will become obsolete?

How about ps4?

It won't take another 3 years for gta5 or a spin off. the most is 2 years.
I'm wet

ElementX5129d ago (Edited 5129d ago )

If you've read my other posts on numerous threads, you'll know I'm getting a PS3 this summer. I'm not talking sh!t about PS3, I'm saying by the time the next GTA comes out there may be another Xbox on the market. It's highly doubtful, I know.

MS dropped the ball with lack of HDD in all systems and using DVD. The GPU and processor are still great for gaming. I don't hear developers complaining about the processors in the 360, only the limitations of DVD9

Honolulu5129d ago

Are you of speaking of imaginary xbox720 dev-kits?
kind hard, don't you think?

Panthers5129d ago

I think I am done with buying a new console every 5 years. PS3 will last me a while and game will be developed on it for a long time to come. I can stick with that. One thing is for sure. It wont be obsolete.

ElementX5129d ago (Edited 5129d ago )

The way technology is advancing the PS3 will be obsolete in 5 years. There will be a new Xbox before 5 years. Why all the disagrees? Even 3.5 years from now there will be 16 core processors and stuff you can't even imagine.

DomUltra5128d ago

That's sad, admitting Xbox 360 was made to bombard and rush the market and not for longevity is admitting defeat, because if you think people are gonna rush out and buy a brand new console that will most likely cost more than a PS3 is ridiculous, you gotta remove your head from your woohoo.

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travelguy2k5129d ago

1000(people) x 12 hours a day x 5 days a week x 260 days a year x 5 years = 78,000,000 hours, so as long as there was no marketing and the employees were making $1.28 and hour then those figures are bang on.

The $100,000,000 is believable just not the 1000 monkeys working around the clock for 5 years part.

theKiller5129d ago

no one can work for 12 hours a day for 5 years with short vacations, also huge titles in the past took 3-4 years of time, if what they were saying is true then they started on it before years of releasing san andreas with i dont believe!!

this is called marketing and hyping!!

karlostomy5128d ago

oh man i couldn't agree more:
"this is called marketing and hyping"

WTF? was SONY in charge of this newspost?

lol. just kidding. everybody.

Tarmgar5129d ago

Wow, that's a serious chunk of money there. I can see why they really took M$'s offer on the DLC content. They really needed it bad.

theKiller5129d ago

i was thinking of holding for GTA5 since it will be exclusive and will be much larger in space size, but from what i hear of this game it is worth the money i spend on it! but i really wonder how GTA5 will look like! i have the feeling if it is true to be ps3 time exclusive then we might see 20-40GB size GTA5 and all the things in GTA4 but more advanced! but i cant wait for GTA5 to come! i will just buy both!

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