Eurogamer's First Impressions of Resistance: Fall of Man

Look, it's not just a World War II game with aliens in it. It's really not. It looks a bit like a World War II game sometimes, and then sometimes it looks a bit like Halo or Half-Life 2, but more importantly the game's hook is none of these things: it's that Resistance is a first-person shooter made by the mentalists who invented Ratchet & Clank.

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Arkham4455d ago (Edited 4455d ago )

"Lower down this page there will be, I suspect, a current of distaste for what some will view as the partisan hyperbole of a positive first impression. "Shock! Eurogamer likes a PS3 game!" Well, fair enough - it's probably my fault as much as anybody's that you won't allow us to be enthusiastic about anything. All I'd say is to bear in mind that I don't in any way care if you buy a PlayStation 3. I've been arguing with people around here about actually answering the question of whether you should buy one, because I think any "yes" answer is contingent on a mixture of blind faith, a desire for bragging rights, and financial irresponsibility. (In other words, what on earth are you thinking?)"

Very well-written article. This guy's a hoot. I'm definitely going to visit Euro Gamer more often.

Wow, there actually are some professional web game journalists out there. Imagine that.

Retard4455d ago

Funny... I was just about to post that to people... !

andy capps4455d ago

They're a good website. One of the websites that I visit daily. Pretty fair on all sides, if they don't like something MS did, they say it, and same for Sony or Nintendo.