Retro Game Sales for December 21st, 2013

Triverse writes, "As we come near this year’s Christmas season we can celebrate digital releases and be thankful for them. Why would we be thankful for not having a physical copy? For starters, you can buy right up to the last minute without having to travel and worry about the store not having your game. You can also play almost immediately (even on a moderate connection most of these games will download faster than you could drive to a store and buy it). Lastly, no having to worry about dangerous driving conditions in your area. That is why we have compiled a list of retro games that are currently on sale this weekend."

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Retroman1813d ago

Glad i have all those games on physical disc already. except Tycoon roller coaster,Sim city 2000

triverse1813d ago

We are working on adding more but it is a case of what is 'retro' and thusly should be listed?

Retroman1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

@ Triverse

R U saying it is hard to pick from thousands of RETRO games from the 80's 90's??? any hack an slash,beat 'em up, side scrolling game would do.

triverse1812d ago

@GT67 I understand where you are coming from but services such as Steam don't exactly have a wide variety of those titles available.

YoungKingDoran1813d ago

I remember as a kid making the most badass roller coaster ever, fully functional. Blew all my money, thought it'd be a game changer in the theme park world as we knew it. And then no thrill seeker that came to the park, ever, was game enough to go on it.
Now I'm working a desk job, 9 - 5. Sucking up to the man. I should've been big I tell you.