Gamzsone V3 Reviews Grand Theft Auto IV

Gamzsone V3: "If I could tell you everything about GTA IV in a simple way, I could but it would take hours and that would mean I'd be talking for hours (Or basiclly put, typing for days) andd basiclly, I dont like talking for too long but simply put, the sheer scale of what is in Grand Theft Auto IV is just amazing. We knew it was going to be special, but not this special.

Grand Theft Auto IV is just too brillant to put into words to be honest but put it this's just epic, the story, the multiplayer, Liberty City, the graphics, everything about it is just epic.

It's brillant, it's epic, think of the cliches on that scale and you can fit them into Grand Theft Auto IV because that what the game is, epic in every sense of the word.

But of course, what else were you going to expect from Rockstar and Grand Theft Auto IV?"

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