Final Fantasy XIV PS4 vs PC Highest Settings (1080p) Screenshot Comparison: Basically Identical

Here's a comparison between several screenshots of the upcoming PS4 version of Final Fantasy XIV, and the same elements in the PC Version of the game at the highest setting and 1080p resolution.

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EXVirtual1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Whoa... almost identical to the highest PC settings, yet still 1080p native. I really can't believe it. Obviously the PC version has better textures and stuff, but damn.
Props to SE for there skills in graphical fidelity and of course Mark Cerny.
Can't wait to play this!

EDIT: Why the disagrees guys?

PeaSFor1855d ago

"GRUMBLE GRUMBLE GRUMBLE" made some PC only circlejerk when they see this kind of quality for a 400$ system

Unreal011855d ago

PS4 version looks incredible. PC scrubs out in full force today.

JsonHenry1855d ago

Looks pretty close to the PC version. I wonder what the PS4 version of WoW would look like? :p

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Both versions look meh. As always ps4 matches pc in games that don't push hardware. Try BF4, witcher 3 and other super high end games. Ps4 version of COD & diablo matches pc.

Really impressed?

I am sure ps4 could run pong at same settings as pc also for cheaper..

Greatness awaits.

mikeslemonade1855d ago

"..but look at me, I have a PC" haha

Anarki1855d ago

I really need to start playing this game again, I loved it. I got to max level did a few dungeons and got bored but I'd love to get back into it and doing some more serious hardcore content.

guitarded771855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

PC is a bit sharper, and may be, but there is still the loss on quality due to streaming. I expect the PS4 version to look great when it comes out... I'm playing it on PS3 right now, and can't wait to play it on PS4. Really the best Final Fantasy experience this generation. XIV brought back my love for the FF Universe that XIII crapped on.

LonChaneyTV1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Final Fantasy XIV even at high end settings equals to a last gen game. Black Desert Online is where it's at. better looking characters.

It's also going to be Free on PC.

slayorofgods1854d ago

Those images do not look "almost" identical to me. If it wasn't for that tittle and everyone saying they look so "identical" I'd say the PS4 looks good...

... PS4 is a fine system. Sorry folks, but the PC version of this game looks quite a bit better to me.

awi59511854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

No it just means they didnt try on pc and the ps4 is the lead platform. This game doesnt even look better than guild wars 2 texture wise. That game is really detailed and you can even see the stitching and skin textures of the animal in the leather armor.

Yeah this game doesnt touch gild wars 2 at all it looks dull and dated by comparison it looks closer to world of warcraft mist of pandaria graphics update than guild wars 2.

This games graphics are on par with lord of the rings online and DDO but there are MMO's on PC that look far better than this game.

Computersaysno1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

They look pretty similar, PC definitely edge it for sharpness of image quality and some textures however it is likely the stream quality.

It's not this is some amazing thing though. It already runs in some form on PS3- it has roots that lie in previous generation console hardware.

It hardly looks amazing on PC and it runs really easily on pretty weak PC hardware. You can run it on a 6 years old Core 2 Duo machine with a Geforce 8800GT.

I would be impressed if this was some sort of high end PC game but it just isn't.

Of course we probably have everybody saying wow haaaaa look PC gamers PS4 matches PC on this game. Well it should!

The PC version is tailored to be able to run on a wide range of hardware because it is an MMORPG- thats the whole point. You need and want a large userbase and so you don't target higher end hardware.

Its just not a demanding or next gen game. If this didn't run about the same as the PC version it would be a HUGE disappointment. It runs on PS3 for goodness sake...

ThanatosDMC1854d ago

More like mid range. The PC version has crisper and more detailed textures. Unless it's the screenshot program that's making everything look faded on the PS4 version.

Btw, is this game worth buying? Hoping to get some non-MMO player's opinion.

kreate1854d ago

Even if u brag about how PC version is superior. most of us have a gaming PC. But rather play on a console.

Azmatik1854d ago

Ok im gona start this off saying im a ps4 gamer but i have a good pc and love both they go hand in hand perfectly but i still do prefer my ps4 cause ease of access. Now these dont look identical at all you can cleatly tell PC is wayyy sharper but could be stream quality i play this game on pc and its amazing. @computersaysno: are u for real right now!!! And u get 5 agrees! U can NOT run this game on a 8800gt lmfao! And a 6 year old core 2 duo LMFAO wow man just wow this game is VERY demanding to run it on max it recommends like a i5- i7 for god sake. Just ur statements show me u have no idea what ur talking about u do realize even if u bought a 2 year old mobo a core 2 duo wouldnt even fit right. Plz know what ur talking about before posting so much miss information on the internet. U clearly have no idea what the word hardware even means.

Computersaysno1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

Azmatik what are you talking about? You don't know.

Minimum requirements are very low end on PC. Core 2 Duo and 8800 in fact.......It isn't targeted for high end hardware. Its designed to run on slow old configurations as well as modern systems. That usually limits what you can do.

The fact it runs on PS3 says enough, its no more a true next gen game than any other of these ports.

Seems you don't know what you are talking about.

If you can run this game on high and 1080p on a midrange Radeon 7870 and get 60FPS then it should be easy for PS4 to get a similar performance.

Gamer19821854d ago

Need to click on those to see real quality PS4 shots are washed out and

No comparison look at the building in the back and the details e.g. you can easily make out the bricks on PC version. Thats because PS4 has overkilled the blur filter to make up for lack of graphics. Dont get me wrong it blows the PS3 version out the water but its supposed to the PS3 has 512mb RAM. It doesn't touch the PC version. Oh and this says nothing about PC it says more about the game. As you can max this out on PC on a £400 PC.

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ATi_Elite1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

1. PS4 has a HD7850 in it (laptop version) so it should produce good graphics. No one is denying that a HD7850 is a great GPU!

2. This game is not a Graphical tour de force so I expect a WiiU to produce the same results.

3. Some colors are still washed out and you still have Low detail in many areas as the Devs are sacrificing color contrast and Detail in order to do something else on the PS4.

Capped at 250 watts the PS4 can only do so much but what it does is GREAT! For $400 it's AWESOME, It's Incredible, It cures cancer! there I said it you happy?

The PS4 is wonderful but I'm not gonna sit here and PRETEND or BE BLIND or BE A IGNORANT FANBOY and act like it has NO LIMITATIONS when DAY 1 The Frostbite 3 revealed those limitations.

5. I only wrote this after reading so many Negative comments made towards PC Gamers and NO PC Gamer even made a comment.

So obviously you fanboys are thinking about PC gamers when PC Gamers are NOT thinking about YOU!

EXVirtual1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Ha, yeah PC gamers did comment. You also need to remember that this game runs at native 1080p on the PS4. However the screens have a blur because of livestream compression. So things won't look as good as they would when you see it on a 1080p TV.

What do you mean PC gamers aren't thinking about us? They're the ones disliking anyone who says anything positive about this. If you ask me, they can't stand seeing this kind of quality on a console. How was I being a fanboy exactly?
Yes, I know BF4 runs at 900p on the PS4. I never denied that, or even mentioned the game.
Even now, they're still calling people fanboys.
Get over yourselves.

AnteCash1855d ago

It looks like your caps key broken

2muchw1nn1ng1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Yeah... no, I highly doubt the Wii U can render the same game with its limited hardware at 1080p, fanboyism aside.

And please. Enough with the annoying elitist attitude. It's downright childish.

gapecanpie1855d ago

They are are just b*tt hurt and don't want to face reality.

Graphically this game is about as impressive as a dog turd.

FlyingFoxy1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Well, considering the desktop 7850 is less powerful than my 4 year old 5870, i guess the PS4 is less powerful than that..

Btw my 5870 is worth about £80 now, so yeah.. paid about £300 for it @ launch, cracking card to last all this time though.

Gohadouken1855d ago

"So obviously you fanboys are thinking about PC gamers when PC Gamers are NOT thinking about YOU! "

Oh the irony and hypocrisy . You care on a daily basis . No one usually ever summons you and yet guys like you would pop up in completely unrelated subjects , unlike this peculiar one , to " enlighten the masses" .

Dude4201855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

"Well, considering the desktop 7850 is less powerful than my 4 year old 5870, i guess the PS4 is less powerful than that.."

Umm, no, the card you're reffering to is the HD 6850. At stock, the HD 7850 is slightly faster than the 5870. Not only that, but its newer architecture makes it more power efficient and has better overclocking. There's a reason AMD hit it big with the HD 7xxx series.

And regarding the PS4, we're talking about an APU here, not a discrete card. I'd say that performance is impressive for the type of chip the PS4 uses.

fr0sty1855d ago

Having an APU can actually give performance advantages, as both CPU and GPU reside on the same chip and (in the consoles) have custom buses that connect the two together that you won't find on PC. PS4's GPU also can queue up more asynchronous compute commands at once than pretty much any PC GPU on the market today (though that will change soon), and doesn't have bloated middleware and operating system overhead to deal with. If you need to know just how much performance is lost to that, just look at AMD's mantle tech demos. They go into detail about what mantle enables that typical directX PC's can't. And yes, Mantle is PC tech and it will bridge the gap I mention above, but so far it is only available in one game and doesn't work on Nvidia GPUs.

PS4 isn't as powerful as the most powerful PC by a long shot, but you won't see games that go well beyond what PS4 can do (that only the most powerful PC on the market today can run) for many years. About a year to 1.5 years before we're talking about PS5, you'll start to see PC games that the consoles just couldn't handle start to trickle out. It isn't because the PC's can't handle it power-wise, but that the install base of PCs that can handle it is WAY too small to justify a developer spending millions of dollars making a game that maxes that system out completely (and by maxed out, I'm not talking about running an unoptimized game that was made to run on PS4/XBO at a higher resolution/framerate, I mean running graphics and CPU functions that simply are not possible on current console hardware. Kinda like how PS3 and 360 weren't capable of DX11 features like hardware based tessellation, but we didn't start seeing games really take advantage of those features until around the time BF3 came out.

PudgeySan1855d ago

Just an FYI The silcon on board is way closer to a HD 7870 then a 7850.

NeoTribe1854d ago

Lol your always so mad and on the defense about consoles. Your such a sad individual. Get over it and accept that consoles are in and pc gaming is a niche hobby.

tee_bag2421854d ago

Well said ATI.

I thought it was pretty much a 7970m laptop GPU inside - TDP's are probably about spot on.

Yeah this game isn't exactly pushing any system.

deSSy27241854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

Native 1080p means shit, its sjut resolution (pixels on screen). Graphics settings/details are much much more important. PC can do 1080p and maxed out or 2K-4K + resolution and maxed out. But PS4 cant do that because the hardware has its own limits. So, you need to make a choice..... very good graphics or very good frames per second. You cant have both (unless you pay 1000-2000$ for your system aka PC).

And all that depends on the game.

Gamer19821854d ago

Its 2013 it SHOULD be running at 1080p. As for the rest its just gravy.. It is looking good for what you get I guess. But the games are a joke in price compared to PC..

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NeXXXuS1855d ago

My god... seriously, PC guys... Just play the game and stop bragging about your damn graphics. It's amazing no matter what it's played on. :\
This is probably one of the reasons I hate PC gamers. Always so full of themselves when it comes to their $800 gaming rig. I'd much rather replay PS1 games than game on a next gen console simply because of story and originality.

xJumpManx1855d ago

LOL, I doubt anyone with a $800 computer is bragging much..

MatrixxGT1854d ago

It wont go away. Just ignore them that's what I do. I could afford to buy the best of the best PC but I don't because I really don't care to have yet another piece of furniture to set all of that up on or have something else connected to my tv which wont look as great as a monitor anyway. With a console Its plug in and play, set it and forget it, ect. Oh and I don't have to blabber around the internet justifying the money and time spent into my PC. I don't even own a computer, don't need one.

awi59511853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )


LOL well its better than a ps4 for damn sure. i just built my sister a 7850 dual card gaming pc that runs BF4 mulitplayer on ultra at 60 fps. It didnt cost more than about 703 dollars to make.

It has a overclocked 8320 8core cpu @ 4.3Gigs, dual 7850 2gb cards, Msi 990fx motherboard, 16 gigs of ram, and a corsair 850 powersource. And it maxes all games she throws at it. I installed my copy of metro last light on it and on ultra settings it runs at 50 fps @ 1080P its a nice little budget build. Oh yeah bioshock infinite on it ran at 200 fps on ultra @ 1080P lol

aquamala1855d ago

You can look at it either way

1) SE is so talented! Making PS4 version look the same as pc version

2) SE is so lazy! They are not taking advantage of more powerful PCs and develop the game for the lowest denominator

gapecanpie1855d ago

I'm going to go with #2.... This game is joke as far as gfx is concern on console systems let alone a decent PC.

Corpser1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Exactly! pC gamers like parity with ps4 as much as ps4 gamers like parity with Xbox one

OsirisBlack1855d ago

If you think this game looks bad then you obviously have a crap GPU or just a crap CPU in general. I play this game on the highest possible settings generally at 2 or 4k the PS4 will NOT look as good as this game does on PC. I do own a PS4 and while I am amazed at how good it looks I cannot understand why PC gamers are ranting about how the game looks bad or is optimized poorly..... stop complaining and do what you always talk about and up the resolution to beyond what the PS4 is capable of..... Play this game at 2k and 90fps and then say it is not beautiful.

Like I said Beautiful..

kryteris1855d ago

the difference is day and night. PC wins.

bumnut1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

PC wins because you have to buy a new console to play it!

And the PS4 shots look blurry to me.

kryteris1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

bummnut, agree. These screen shots on ps4 probably are not a good representation, but there still is much missing on the ps4. I have the PS4, and I really do not understand why a 7870 gpu cannot offer the same unless they are trying to run it at a silly 60fps again. 20-40fps is just fine.

thekhurg1855d ago

You got disagrees from the PC fanboys.

lex-10201855d ago

It looks good don't get me wrong but the differences are very noticeable, particularly when it comes to draw distances and object edges.

FanOfRootBeer1855d ago

Because you dared encroach upon the territory of Lord PC, you dirty casual.


NarooN1855d ago

The disagrees are just butthurt PC elitists (not normal PC gamers.)

Ignore the agree/disagree nonsense on N4G and you'll have a better time.

adorie1854d ago

No. I focused on the visual comparison,although I usually do read the articles.
TBH, this is more of an idea how they look against one another, than a real comparison. At least to me.

adorie1855d ago

I'm going to be honest, the game looks muddy in some shots for PS4. Color is sometimes different, I'm speaking about the ground. Slight aliasing, but not too much. The hotbars look a little blurry too.

My opinion is that SE rushed this game. I've seen bigger environments showcased for different games that looked a heck of a lot more impressive.

SE better use the money they're getting from PS3 and PS4 owners to improve the look of this game, cause, again, I think this game is a rushed port.

EXVirtual1854d ago

Did you read the article? It's because of livestream compression.

Embolado1855d ago

Disagrees where from Hitagi Senjougahara, for the lack of air time in Monogatari Season 2.

grimmweisse1855d ago

The disagrees are from angry PC fanboys needing to justify their anger because they somehow feel insecure about a console game looking as good a pc game.

Old McGroin1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

"The disagrees are from angry PC fanboys needing to justify their anger because they somehow feel insecure about a console game looking as good a pc game."

The PC screenshots look a good bit sharper. I think you'll find it is the PS4 fanboys who are now feeling insecure as it can't match up to a game that wouldn't really push a PC gaming rig in any way.

EDIT: And no, I don't have a gaming PC or a next gen console yet. Going by the launch titles and these pics of FF I think I made the right decision in waiting a year or so to jump in to the next gen. I will be getting a PS4 but I'm quite disappointed so far by what has been shown for it. How many years of development has it had and it can't even match up to this?

d3nworth11855d ago

Dude ATI elite and decrypt are to 2 biggest PC fanboys on this site. You can't say anything positive about a console without them getting butt hurt. So don't waste your time trying to talk sense to them.

HardcoreDaBoss1855d ago

because the pc version looks way better?? look at the water.. look at the trees.. and look at the bridge.. more like greatness waits.

Cueil1855d ago

because you limit the resolution of the pc version

worldwidegaming1854d ago

Ok why are the pictures of different characters in different gear? apples to apples or they have something to hide.

AndrewLB1854d ago

They look very close. But this isn't due to the bizarre leap in logic claiming PS4 is just as powerful as a gaming PC. What really happened is SquareEnix decided to be lazy and not include an "ultra" mode, along with high resolution textures instead of the 1024x1024 ones most PS4 games use.

To sum it up... once again consoles and their lackluster performance have caused forward looking game development to be held back

Old McGroin1854d ago

Wow, the PC screenshots look a lot sharper.

tigertron1854d ago

"Why the disagrees guys?"

because the PC master race didn't like what you said. :P

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TopDudeMan1855d ago

I could nitpick about the shading and the detail, but I'm not gonna. It still looks good on both platforms. Shame about the gameplay, though...

Abriael1855d ago

What's a shame about the gameplay? FFXIV has fantastic gameplay.

TopDudeMan1855d ago

It wasn't for me. I don't know, after playing guild wars 2 (the only other mmo I've played), I guess I expected certain things from the battle system and it just didn't impress me.

Abriael1855d ago

Eh, it's just a matter of genre, GW2 is a twitchy MMO, this one isn't.

Quality-wise though FFXIV literally shreds GW2 under basically every aspect.

DeadManIV1855d ago

You sure abriel? I played the beta and every quest I tried was boring as hell - I was continually asked to do extremely menial things for xp.

Sevir1855d ago

You can see some loss of texture quality in the PS4 version but man does it look impressive!

Abriael1855d ago

That's just due to livestream compression, as explained in the article. We'll have to wait for direct feed screenshots (luckily SE releases its press screenshots in lossless PNG, so it'll work well) to be 100% positive, but the textures look absolutely identical to me considering the lossy stream. Same for normal mapping.

Einhert1855d ago

Texturing, shadows, water, foliage all looks better on PC.

The edges also look crisper due to better AA.

It also probably runs at a higher frame rate and can run at higher resolutions.

Not exactly a good comparison as these devs are not pushing the PC, the real comparison will be the Witcher 3.

Abriael1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Better AA? Lol. PC has the crappiest possible FXAA and you can't gauge the AA in the PS4 version at all because of the livestream compression that blurs the image slightly.

So I wonder where did you see the AA lol. If anything the PS4 version can only improve on that, because literally you can't have worse than FXAA unless you don't put AA at all.

The rest is only due to livestream compression.

Mind you, FFXIV is the MMORPG that pushes PCs the most, it has fantastic graphics for the genre. The Witcher 3 has better definition per models, but displays a TON less models on screen, so it doesn't necessarily have a higher total polycount.

The only thing you nailed is that it'll run at 30 fps.