STOP THAT PLANE! Play in the sandbox with me.

Sarcasticgamer writes:

Though I am probably the last person on Earth to realize this, last night I discovered the might of that perpetually taxiing jet on GTA4. It does not seem possible to stop it. But I want to put that theory to the test… tonight. And I'll need YOUR help to do it.

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PR0F3TA3819d ago

umm... ok?

on a side but related note, who remember the Trolly Car from Hell in San Andreas? i tried to stop that thing with cars and even a 747 but it blew it up

Sean142333819d ago

As soon as I unlock the RPG I am going to try that on it.

Max Power3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

that one person shooting an RPG at it won't work. Since he has asked for help setting up an elaborate scheme to bring down the plane, would have figured he tried shooting it down himself already and failed.

Gam713819d ago

Yeah, I've done the rpg on the 747 and nothing but some cool explosion effects

DR-IVO3819d ago

I cant wait to see what else everyone can come up with to do online in a large group.

gta online is a blast