A Tough Nut To Karrak: Sony's New PR Boss Talks PlayStation 3 Plans

Dave Karraker, new senior director of corporate communications for Sony, didn't take this job at an easy time. Signing up with the company just a week before the Tokyo Game Show, he's arrived in the middle of a console launch ramp-up, and amidst an anti-Sony trend in the blog communities. Coming off experience with the 3DO and Dreamcast launches, not to mention having to represent Martha Stewart, he's no stranger to controversy.

Dave seems to be fighting fire with fire in his new position, making up lost ground for the time Sony spent without corporate PR in the U.S. The outspoken Karraker is in many ways a breath of fresh air for the often-stoic company, and may be just what Sony needs for the launch of its newest, and most controversial console.

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THWIP4461d ago

Give me 5 minutes with that fruitcake, and I'll have him crying like the insecure prettyboy that his is. :o

andy capps4461d ago

Hahaha! CliffyB and him should have a competition... :)

Good interview. He seems to be just what Sony needs in a PR man: real gamer, sense of humor, knowledgable about what he's discussing, and willing to admit past PR mistakes.

dantesparda4461d ago (Edited 4461d ago )

so you think he's pretty right, eh? very, very interesting

Arkham4461d ago (Edited 4461d ago )

Emulated PS games will be "...all under $5." WTF? That's nuts. I'm in. ;)

THWIP4461d ago could buy them at EB/Gamestop for less than THAT. :o

Arkham4461d ago

You're useless. Stop spamming.

andy capps4461d ago

THWIP- Yeah, you could buy all the retro games on XBLA for less than that as well. Why do people buy them again? Convenience. That's the name of the game.

THWIP4461d ago

...because a lot of them have been optimized for HD, AND had live MP added. I can guarantee you won't have MP added to any PS1 titles, nor will they receive graphical upgrades, as stated by Phil Harrison himself.

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