GamersMark Mario Kart Wii review

Brandon Salcedo writes:

''Well, you know what they say, "Another Nintendo console, another Mario Kart"... right? Over all these years the reigning king of the kart genre has actually seen little change; that's why it's reigning king after all. Nintendo hasn't fixed what isn't broken and it's paid off in the long run. Aside from a gimmicky attempt to put two characters in a car or dumbing down the drift system, there's very little to complain about the series at all. It's consistently fun, can be enjoyed by most anyone and is still one of the best things to bring out when your buddies are bored, or whiny.

Mario Kart Wii reinstates all that again, but to be honest, its single player formula is finally starting to grow stale. Nintendo realized this and saw fit to just add more to the experience. And, short of a slightly gimmicky Wii-mote steering wheel shell, the additions are welcome. While not exactly reborn, there are enough new ideas to keep a fan happy and turn a few pessimistic heads in the process. Alongside the ability to race bikes, the biggest addition is not the overpriced piece of plastic bloating the insides of the box, it's what you can now do with Mario Kart as a whole and now with the entire world.''

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