Gamestyle reviews UEFA Euro 2008

Adam Gulliver writes:

''For football fans, this is going to be one depressing summer. Not a single home nation has qualified, and worst of all, Steve McClaren has earned himself a spot as a pundit during the tournament, despite knowing about as much about football as Gamestyle's cat. However, we can pretend this all never happened with Euro 2008, or 'Fifa 08 and a half', as it could be known.

These half-way iterations of EA's long-running football series always garner a massive groan from us because none of the ones we've played thus far have been much good. It was like EA shipped them off to be made by the EA Sports B team with the A team working hard on next year's edition. Things seem to be all changing at EA Sports studio at the moment, though. Firstly, we had the excellent Fifa 08, which finally dethroned PES, and now we have this Euro 2008 tie-in, which borrows many elements from Fifa 08 but actually adds a few nice improvements.''

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