Gamespot reviews Team Fortress 2

Chris Watters writes:

''As one of the first shooters to pioneer team- and class-based gameplay, the first Team Fortress quickly became a favorite among the online community, inspiring devotion and spawning innumerable user-created modifications that many still play today. Team Fortress 2 was announced almost a decade ago as a sequel to the original mod, and went through many transformations and design iterations before its release last October as part of The Orange Box. At heart, TF2 remains true to its roots, pitting two teams against each other in objective-based competition. Players on both teams select one of nine character classes, each with their own unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. TF2's cartoon aesthetic and stripped-down classes belie its complexity, and the dynamic interplay of abilities and strategies is nuanced, hectic, and challenging. The result is a fantastic multiplayer experience that proves itself a worthy successor to its seminal ancestor.''

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fmjpower3819d ago

isn't that review from October 9th of 07?

Homicide3819d ago

At the bottom of the page, it says posted on May 2, 2008. I was suprised as well.

RiseOfMonster3819d ago

Some sites are reviewing each game of the orange box separately because Valve just released box versions of TF2, Portal, and Episode 2 separately.

heyheyhey3819d ago

holy sh!t they're nice and early with the review

solar3818d ago

completely agree with you. the art design...the personalities of the toons, and winning takes teamwork. i love the game and Valve is taking care of us with the PC version now with new maps, gameplay modes and unlockable weapons for free!