Gamer 2.0 reviews The World Ends With You

Danreb Victorio writes:

''Lately, more hardcore gamers have been looking down on Square Enix because since the big merger between SquareSoft and Enix, the only games worth mentioning to come out were a bunch of games in the Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts series. Each of the games have too much of a sense of familiarity and they've been leaving Japanese-based RPG's dry for a while. Thankfully, Square Enix has come up with something different in The World Ends With You.

In the simplest sense possible, The World Ends With You is quite a unique game. Like Sega's Shenmue series, The World Ends With You takes place in a modern time. In this case, it's modern-day Tokyo-or more specifically, Shibuya. The main protagonist is a boy named Neku Sekuraba. He's not unlike a lot of Square's main characters. He has a distinct fashion sense with a crazy hairdo, and he has a bit of an attitude problem as well. One day while walking he finds a random black pin that allows him to read the minds of people around him, and then later he finds a time limit on his forehand. To make things even stranger, he comes across a talkative girl who forces him to make a pact with her, because it's the only way to fight the evil "Noise." Later players learn that it is imperative to defeat as many Noise as possible, because it is essential to clear every mission given in a span of seven days.''

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