170° Gears a Perfect 10

Gears receives a perfect 10 from From the article:

"You can always find reasons not to give a game a review score of 10. Control issues (Gears of War has that). A.I. problems (that, too). Bad dialogue or story telling (yes on both). Linear levels, online lag, limited modes (yup, yup, and yup). But as I was playing through though the game, I found one consistently good feature: It was constantly impressing the hell out of me."

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drewdrakes4455d ago

Holy Crap! The only other game i know that got a perfect 10 from anyone was KOTOR, speaking of which that game rules (cant wait to play Mass Effect).

Deceased4455d ago

I get my copy of GOW today after work, can't wait. I want to get it NOW!!!

Optimus Prime4455d ago

wow. i cant wait to get my hands on this.

THWIP4455d ago

...the 1up guys are typically Sony fanboys. ;)

The most amazing thing about this review, is that it got the 10/10, in spite of having quite a bit of negative comments (though none really major).

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The story is too old to be commented.