More Splatterhouse shots

See another batch of nine screenshots from Namco Bandai's upcoming horror title, scheduled to hit Xbox360 and PS3 later this year.

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Sangria3820d ago

Less horror, more beat'em all? *sigh*

Montrealien3820d ago

Last time I checked, Splatterhouse always was a beat-em up. Can't wait for this, I remember pumping quarters into this suckers at the arcades.

MK_Red3820d ago

Don't forget about the name: SPLATTERhouse. But I do agree that the horror was also part of the originals.

Loved the part 2 and 3 on Genesis but don't remember an arcade version :(

gambare3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

yeah, but I hope they don't change the sadism of the original games, that was something controversial that time, I still got 2 of them for my old sega genesis

the arcade game was similar to the 1st one, but the sega genesis ones were superior in graphics and sound

Montrealien3820d ago

Original Arcade > Any Genesis version. For graphics and sounds.

MK_Red3820d ago

gambare, Good call on sadism. I remember those crazy hanging baby things from part 2 and those sick boss fights of part 3.

Wish I could find the arcade version :(
I LOVE Splatterhouse.

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yowoe3820d ago

I don't think EGM would put a remake of a old game on the cover unless they liked it at least a little.

miganda3820d ago

i miss all my old turbo duo games. loved the splatter house and bonks games.

MK_Red3820d ago

OMG, Awesome, these new shots ROCK and BLEED. Loved the part 3 and this looks so much promising.

KidMakeshift3820d ago

Do you get to fight possessed chairs and candlesticks in this one lol

They could have called this game anything and it would make no difference. There's very little resemblance of the original

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