40 Million Unreal Tournament 3 Pirates

"In a recent discussion with TG Daily, Mark Rein declared that there were an astounding 40 million attempts at illegitimate access to Unreal Tournament 3 servers using pirated keys."

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yowoe3823d ago

Most of those were probably the same guys trying like 5-10 times, and each time they tried to access, the client program probably attempted 5-10 times itself before reporting a failure.

AND most of those guys would not have bought the game anyway.

nbsmatambo3822d ago

it could even be people misreading the product key and keep re-entering it..

v1c1ous3823d ago

i don't think individual unique ips are put in that equation.

but i cant blame em for trying to figure out why pc games arent selling well outside few established franchises.

heyheyhey3823d ago

i doubt thats the real figure

but at least its some explanation as to where the sales for the game went

Richdad3822d ago

even if 10 times less still is huge. This is the reason why epic is forcing on consoles now but yeah they will never leave PC.

gamesR4fun3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

Fact is the game was cracked with a keygen on day 1 So there are prob more pirates playing than honest peeps...
Personally bought it for the ps3 tho i gotta say the editing tool made it a tempting dl.

This latest blame poor sales on the pirates thing is getting out of hand tho. Some of the best selling games of our generation had no copyright protection at all. Fact is if you make an exceptional game it will sell look at oblivion or even WOW FPS's like UT3 and even more so Cyrix only appeal to a ever dwindling fan base of fps fanatics... Like yours truly :D

aaquib3823d ago

Way less than 1M sold on PC, and 40m pirated? Yeah, about 4000% more!

pcgia3823d ago

yeah, that sucks. I doubt it is that high, but even if it is... that is by far not saying that they're 40 million lost sales...

Squeezle3823d ago

If the numbers are true, it's probably because several thousand people tried several hundred different keys. No way it's 40 million separate users.

CrazzyMan3822d ago

where live over 2,5 bln. people..
and where it`s normal, when your monthly income is = 3-4 games price, so naturally you will buy food, clothes, but not spend those money on games. )

unless you think, that people there don`t wanna play games, even if they can`t afford them. =)

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The story is too old to be commented.