Player vs. Everything: Choking on graphics

Cameron Sorden writes:

''I managed to get my hands on an Age of Conan beta key this morning, so off I went to excitedly download the client. I'm a big fan of Robert E. Howard's original pulps, and I've been looking forward to the grim and gritty world of Hyboria for a while now. Most of what I've read about it so far has been very positive (with a few notable exceptions due to some of the design choices). Our own write-up of the overall beta experience from Michael Zenke was very encouraging with regard to the combat, gameplay, and feel of the world. Overall, it seems like there's a lot to be excited about. There's just one glaring issue that everyone seems to be having: the graphics are choking their machines.

This isn't a new phenomenon. It seems like every new game on the market in the last few years wants to beat our poor, 1-3 year old computers into lifeless heaps of rubbish with their outlandish and ridiculous system requirements. Even World of Warcraft, a game celebrated for its accessibility and ability to be run on older machines, wasn't that way at launch (though it was substantially better than its major competitors at the time, EverQuest 2 and City of Heroes). However, this strategy of supercharged visuals has made things hard for a number of games. Vanguard in particular suffered a lot of criticism for having ridiculous system requirements when it launched, and that's just one example. Given that people would like to actually be able to play these games, why on earth do game designers insist on shoving next-gen graphics down our throats when the vast majority of us have last-gen machines (or worse)?''

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Chubear3820d ago

This is one of the reasons I stop PC gaming. It jsut mskes no sense to me.

Gorgon3820d ago

Just wait for the 360 version instead.

Bolts3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

There is no way in hell the 360 can handle this game. NO WAY. If you play the beta then you'll know what I'm talking about, like all MMO Conan is a huge RAM hog, you need to 2 gig just to keep your client from choking in some PvP instances. We're not just talking about Crysis PC vs console Crysis here, Crysis is not a dynamic enviroment like MMOs. Just wait till you go to town and see 30-50 characters running around on your screen.

In order for the 360 version to work they'll need a smaller world, dramatically reduced textures, new combat and gameplay mechanics, last but certainly not least...find some way to budget the RAM usage.

BTW the beta client is 12 gigs, COMPRESSED. Good luck getting that on to your 360, and we're just talking about a no thrills base client here, all MMO balloons into dozens more gigs after release.

If this game is supposed to be some console friendly MMO that they can easily port to the 360 in a year or so then its an epic fail.

Kakkoii3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

Where just at a breaking point in gaming technology right now.

The advancement of Graphics cards has slowed these past years. While the game industry has been booming and creating more advanced graphics technology at a steady pace.

Graphics card creators have kept at the same pace as them until these recent years.

This can be seen in the CPU and GPU industry.
Instead of an increase in chip performance, they add more chips as a quick fix for people who need more speed. But this is not a good solution, as games have to have a lot more work put into them to be able to fully utilize dual cores, especially quad-cores.

But do not fret PC Gaming friends. For GPU and CPU technologies are going threw big breakthrough's this year of 2008. Nvidia/ATI are creating some amazing upcoming graphics chips.

You will see 2 amazing chips from them in July. And older high end parts will be getting cheaper and cheaper as time goes. And with that it will make it easier for everyone to play these next generation games.

In the upcoming years you will see a big boom in the advancement of Processing technologies. Due to all the recent scientific breakthroughs that have been happening in that area.

DeadlyFire3820d ago

I blame NVIDIA and ATI. They both are to blame for these new games not doing so well. I was surprised to learn of what DirectX 10 games ran at 90 fps when I was looking around when DirectX 10 just started and few DirectX 10 cards were on the market and guess what. None of them ran at 90 fps. Crysis being understandably low, but the others were getting around 30-60 fps. DirectX 9 was much faster than that.

This guy doesn't know much about the PC industry if he thinks you have to buy a new PC every 1-3 years. I have kept mine since 2000 or 2001 and can run anything up to 2005 or 2006 just fine on lowest settings. That took 4-6 years before it stopped running games above 30 fps and I remember I got this from off the shelve in Circuit City when I got it. So you can get something that lasts for awhile. I can make it play better and faster with better graphics if I just add in a stick of RAM or new Video card as well. I can get a few more years of new games in there with that added. It doesn't take much to add an upgrade to a PC. You can buy a new PC for 700-1000 bucks and add in a new videocard and new stick of Ram for $200-400 in about 3-4 years and the PC will give you another 2-3 years out of it. So that would make it last about 6-8 or maybe a few more years before it is crap and can't play anything at all.