X-Play World Premiere: Too Human: Enemies

Adam Sessler concludes his visit to Silicon Kights with a World Premiere look at the enemies of Too Human.

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JokesOnYou3823d ago

Taking down those big bots looks awesome, the customization combined with the co-op feature is very attractive, this game has come along way, I can't wait to get my hands on it. I say it again, micro/SK I want a fcking released date already...damm it looks like they got everything going now so how long do we have to continue to wait for this game? yeah, I'm not a patient man.


green3822d ago

What a game.This is my most anticipated title on the 360 and it seriously cant come soon enough.Silicon knights have already said it's basically finished so what is keeping them from announcing the release date is really a mystery.

MK_Red3823d ago

A question, haven't we seen lots of enemies from TH on previous trailers and gameplay vids from GT and Game Videos? Seriously, WTF is X-Play thinking with all these "World Premiere"s.
All of the games they talk about have been seen before. We have seen pure MGS4 gameplay before, we have seen TH fights and we have seen Force Unleashed. WTF?

As for the game, it's definitly looking sweet but doesn't change the fact that I'd have prefered a sequel to Eternal Darkness instead of this.