Bionic Commando Rearmed: Days of the Commando

Benn Judd writes: "So the cat is out of the bag... and like you ALL didn't see it coming, right?

Today we're revealing the final and perhaps coolest new mode in Bionic Commando Rearmed: Multiplayer.

I've continually said that I felt the wire mechanic in Bionic Commando is something that could have been expanded on in a lot of different ways. We've included co-op mode to show how fun it can be to swing with a friend. Challenge rooms have been added to test the swing skills of veteran BC players (and those who become good enough to handle the pain). Finally, we have added a wild and fast-paced multiplayer experience that pits you against your friends in a bionic battle to the death."

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yowoe3819d ago

And you guys should tell everyone you know to buy it as well- Day 1 purchase for me.

Remember, that if this succeeds I have heard Judd hint that there are already some ideas floating around about what to remake next in the same vein.

Go Capcom!