The Sad Legacy of the Saturn Launch

The thirteenth anniversary -- unlucky thirteen, mind you -- seems a good time to look back at one of the biggest disasters in the videogame industry: The American launch of the Sega Saturn. Designed as an attention-grabbing surprise that would cut the PlayStation off at the knees, the early debut of the Sega Saturn in May of 1995 is widely considered the leading cause of the console's terrible failure in spite of a solid library of arcade hits and some original games that have gone on to be considered classics.

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Montrealien3873d ago

lol, I remember walking into a Toy R us and going "WTF, it's out?" playing a demo of Daytona and moving along. This consoles doe have heart though, great games on it and a collectors wet dream.

BIoodmask3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

I remember playing Panzer Dragoon for the fist time and being blown away by the graphics(back then.) The Saturn was actually a pretty powerful console(for the time period.)

It was made up of multiple processors though, and very few developers actually used more than one for games development. Even Yuji Naka of Sonic Team said that Saturn Development was a pain. Originally Saturn was designed to be a 2D machine. But with the advent of the Playstation Sega added the extra processor for 3D rendering.

It was also host to some great 2D Shmups and fighting games. Sega's bad management eventually did it in though. 3rd parties pretty much dropped support. If things had worked out differently at this point in time, Sega would probably still be in the hardware business today.

ActionBastard3872d ago

I was working at a Blockbuster when the Saturn was released. Man, the only thing that was worth a damn was Panzer and Nights. IMHO.

trancefreak3872d ago

i was really shocked when they threw in the towel i thought my dreamcast was a great console. i don't know of the financial circumstances that wrote segas console ambitions off, but i think they should of stuck it out longer imo. I liked the Saturn i remember the Ice Cube commercials

Skerj3872d ago

If Sega hadn't rushed it and put that half assed 3d tech in, it might have fought the original Playstation harder than it did. Saturn was a 2d beast though edging out the PS1 in that area, still have my Xmen vs StreetFighter with the 4meg ram cart.

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