More Info About Metal Gear Solid 4 Flashbacks

Kotaku writes: "The latest issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine has more info on what-looks-like playable Metal Gear Solid memories in MGS4. According to the magazine, cut scenes at the beginning of the missions refer to the franchise's evolution. What's more:"

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Deathbringer3824d ago

wow if this is true that is really awesome!!!!!
Kojima really did it this time around!
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jwatt3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

That's great, so like the new trailer we will be able to play old mgs flashbacks in the game.

Update: it doesn't really say anything about playing the flashbacks.

Eamon3824d ago

I hope the flashbacks are playable.

Aclay3824d ago

Is that all the article was about? Ryan Peyton stated in an interview months ago that there would be a button that you could press during cutscences to view flashbacks... that's not anything new really, but it would be way cool if you could actually play through those flashbacks though.

Lucreto3824d ago

Unless something changed in development. It was stated that the cut scenes from the original games will be used so I doubt they remade them all for this game.

Homicide3824d ago

It would be great to relive those moments with PS3 graphics. This is getting me more excited for the game.

THC CELL3824d ago

this game is showing x box up lol
i mean its exclusive and people who has played metal gear in the past who has a 360 will crack and run out and buy a ps3 just to play this game
i bet my money now POGMART is saving or already have a ps3 just for this game

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The story is too old to be commented.