PSW reviews Yakuza 3 - 'A hugely satisfying game'

It's rare to find a game that has such a strong sense of identity. PSW means, Yakuza 3 knows what it is! It's a (loosely) historical tale of war, murder, prostitution, romance and friendship. And while it edges scarily close to being a movie, it retains a sufficient amount of compelling game for it to be something that PSW is perfectly happy to play for 40 hours.

Ryu Ga Gotoku 3 (Yakuza 3) is that place where games and films make sweet music together. Stick around for the climax to this outstanding cinematic adventure and you'll go away with a big smile.

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skynidas3819d ago

Its a shame that this game is not in america

guanuma693819d ago

lets pray to see if that game can make it to this side of the world... if it is that good then there is a chance.

MK_Red3819d ago

Wow, nice review and score. Hopefully this sees a world wide release soon.

Skerj3819d ago

I wish the combat were better.

juuken3819d ago

I would really love a U.S release for that game.