PS3 RPG finished and ready to be a launch title

Sony Online Entertainment's PLAYSTATION®3 System Launch Title Set to Begin Shipping Within the Launch Window

Sony Online Entertainment announced today that Untold Legends Dark Kingdom for the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system has gone gold, and will begin shipping to retail stores within the PLAYSTATION®3 system launch window.

Untold Legends Dark Kingdom is a next-gen action-RPG’s that delivers an immersive fantasy experience through its breath-taking graphics, cinematic storyline and action-packed battles filled with heart-pounding combat, magical spells and brilliant special effects. Players will choose one of three unique characters to guide on a perilous journey of impossible odds, as they immerse themselves in a fantastic world of beauty and terror, where only they can end the long standing oppression of a tyrannical king. Players will also collect and equip hundreds of weapons, armor and items as you slay the hordes of monsters. In addition, Dark Kingdom will deliver in-depth character progression, cooperative online gameplay for up to four players and additional game content post launch through the PLAYSTATION® Network.

Untold Legends Dark Kingdom will begin shipping to retail within the PLAYSTATION®3 system launch window.

Source: Sony

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Yeah, I did have trouble catching my breath, in between fits of laughter over this Gamecube-quality crapfest.