European PS3 User registration begins November 9

Rumor has it that Sony will allow European gamers to register their PS3 usernames from November 9th for the PS3 Network. This will allow gamers to have an equal chance at getting their favorite names or get good ones before everything is taken up.

It has yet to be confirmed how IDs will be managed and how Sony will keep people from gathering all nicknames without having even bought a PlayStation 3. Furthermore, it is still just rumor that Europe will have the chance to register on November 9th, so until official announcements from Sony, don't get your hopes up just yet.

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THWIP4456d ago

Sony really knows how to tug at gamers' heartstrings, and make them feel loved, don't they? :O

HyperBear4456d ago

Cant you feel the love here?. Sony is really caring for them now, this is excellent news (and by excellent, i mean it in a sarcastic way), as this idea is really ridicuously stupid. Do you really think anyone in Europe is still interested in the PS3 now. So even if this were to go on, no one would register anyways. PS3 is dead in the water. Xbox 360 is here to stay and was made to kick ass, and is doing so as we speak.

andy capps4456d ago

Hyperbear- Guess you haven't been reading any of the European websites or blogs. Yes, they're mad that it was delayed, but you'll still find that a lot of them are looking forward to next March when they're able to purchase a PS3.

Now why would they open this to Europeans prior to the launch in Japan and the US, now when I get mine, it could already be taken by someone that doesn't have a console. Maybe they'll do the same for the US and Japan.

HyperBear4456d ago

Im just feed up with Sony, So Ive made a decision not to buy the PS3 until say 2008. They are so full of sh!t right now, with all slow loading times, lack of good games, lack of a good Online Service(from what i heard its nothing compared to Xbox Live), no rumble in the controllers(really takes the feel of gameplay in shooters), and they said "oh yea, 2 million consoles released on launch". Well that woreked out great, Europe gets delayed and we still only get 400,00(if that) and Japan only gets now 80,000(if that). Whereas Xbox 360, they are on the road. Perfect example, Gears of War comes out today, and id get that game over a PS3 anyday of the week. Plus XBox 360 has a lot of things coming its way for new games; Mass Effect, Crackdown, Shadowrun, Alan Wake, Bioshock, Too Human, Halo 3, Halo Wars, PGR4, Forza 2, DOAX2, Plus More. PS3, what have they got. Only 3 games impress me; RFOM, Motorstorm and Full Auto 2. Thats it, and compare that number to games I already own, it owns the sh!t out of anything i can own on PS3. Plus im on a tight budget, and I would have to wait to get a PS3 anyways, cause I am not paying not 1500USD, which is stupid, for just a system, where I can wait till 2008, and the price goes down, and there are no hardware problems or anything. So Sony has pissed me off way too much lately, thereby I say Screw them for now, and let the 360 take over.

TheMART4456d ago


The same one that I saw writing a Sony advertorial with all that love? You're switched also?

Damn! First General, then Hyperbear... I really am curious how much more readers from here switched already if they switched. I mean you weren't the smallest Sony fanboys around. As I am a fan of the 360 and believing in the promise, you once were with the PS3. But then you stepped in and look now isn't it all great haha

specialguest4456d ago (Edited 4456d ago )

hahaha that's funny, i just realized that about HyperBear. he has seen the light and jumped in. lol sometimes, the overwhelming bad Sony news and b/s is too much.

you just gotta look at the other side(360) and realize how much good stuff they got going for them. honestly, there hasn't been any real bad news about 360 through out this year besides minor non-issue stuff like Guitar Hero 2 won't have wireless guitar.

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highps34456d ago

Yea its delayed either deal with it or dont. Atleast they can have there gamer name reserved so someone doesnt take it for those who still want the Ps3.

I know its weird to you but there still will be people buying the Ps3. Regardless.

richie007bond4456d ago

JUST A STUPIT SONY PLOY TO SEE HOW PISSED OFF europe is about being left out until march next year,they really think we really care about some PS3 User registration when they should have stuck to their word and released the console worldwide on time and to everyone,after all europe is one of the biggest game markets in the world,screw you sony you have let down europe big time with your lies and arrgance

TheMART4456d ago

And after registering a name, have to wait another whopping HALF YEAR to receive the console finaly?

IF you're lucky? What if there are still producing problems? Christmas 2007 you should be fine though.

Drop Sony. Kick them. Punish them for their delay. Watch Gears of War doing it right now. You can run out and buy a 360 with a copy of Gears right now. You sign up in XBOX Live with the name you want and you can game instantly.

All that no wait, delivering on the promise.

Writing in with the Sony online network is like signing a contract to let someone kill yourself. It's lame Sony

kingboy4456d ago

Hope no one steals my game handle before me lol!

kewlkat0074456d ago

Kingboy you really can't be that excited about a "game Handle" can you? Talk about excitment...woo-hoo, Ok to bed I go GOW tomorrow....

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