Gears of War Emerges Today

Microsoft announced today that Gears of War has shipped to retail stores nationwide. Although the game is expected to arrive to stores today, many gamers around the country reported that their local stores won't have the game until tomorrow, Wednesday, November 8.

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Capt CHAOS4455d ago

Only because I want to see how high it goes on the charts..

17th for us in UK.

PSN Starfleets4455d ago

I just canceled my Standard Edition order and went for the Collectors Edition. I guess the picture of this convinced me! lol

£44.99 on!

tatical4455d ago

I got a call from GameStop & they said I can pick it up this afternoon.

G_CodeMonkey4455d ago

That means gaming goodness (besides all the other 360 gaming goodness) has to wait until this evening. I'll be waiting to dish out my first curb-stomping and chainsaw kill online! -gCM

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The story is too old to be commented.