SectionZ from seems to have found a solution for the LOADING screen lock up that occurs here and there on the PS3. He writes:

"Today both of my PS3s locked up while trying to load GTA 4.

I did the common fix which did not work. Then my brother called me. His 40 GB PS3 was having the same issue. Couple of other friends had the same issue after I called around. They could NOT play GTA 4.

And then it hit me.

WHY would this happen to me tonight after finishing the game without a hitch."

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Harry1903873d ago

so i'm not alone....other people are having this problem too.

Too bad i deleted my save data for nothing.

Megaton3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

I had this happen tonight too, as well as most of my friends. Pretty strange how it reached so many people around the same time.

I just restarted my PS3 twice when it happened, loaded up properly on the 2nd try. Didn't need to log out of the PSN, or disable online or anything, just a plain old restart.

Phaqutomb3873d ago

last night i played all was fine. tonight i went to play and it would freeze. I deleted a save and it worked. while i was playing i got a mulit player invite . game locked up i restarted my PS3 and nothing would load. but i did notice that the game does work when your signed out of the PSN. I guess that just proves that GTA was meant as a single player experience.

wow4u3873d ago


" I guess that just proves that GTA was meant as a single player experience."

On the PS3 possibly. GTAIV has been a dream on Xbox LIVE, and I've never had a single hickup-of-a-problem.

Its been flawless and a dream to play. Xbox LIVE has been awesome, zero issues.

themyk3873d ago

easy there tiger.. lets not forget about bully. on live..... it's not like r* has a good track record as of late...

KozmoOchez3872d ago

because i tried all that b4 when rockstar said to do so and it still freezes

AND, i tried to post a RUMOR before from forums and got raped with all the reports...this is essentially the same thing, some random user from this website's forum or something similar....NOT A CREDIBLE SOURCE YET THIS GETS APPROVED AND MINE DOESNT?!?!?!?!?!??!

At least i didnt try to pass mine on as true news, just a rumor. SCREW THIS, i'll just chillax in the forums like i used to do, no need to try to post news here anymore.

k2d3872d ago

My only real issue with this game is the lack of [AUTO SLEEP MODE].
I fell asleep, then suddenly when I woke up, all my npc relations had GONE TO HELL! I had'nt saved for several missions and pigeons ago..

HighDefinition3872d ago

And i`ve been playing it non-stop for days.

Real Gambler3872d ago

Still trying to understand why some consoles would fail, and not others.
Own a 60Gig PS3 and played over 20hours easy, with no freezing. Why would other freeze... All 60gig are the same hardware.

But I like the second comment on this website about people using wireless instead of wired ethernet connection. I use wired and never had a problem. So maybe this guy could be right. For sure, as he said, there's way more people using wireless connection on PS3 than 360 since it's built-in the 60gig model... I guess I will have to switch to wireless myself and see what happen??

So guys, if you had a freezing, no matter if it's 360 or PS3, please say if you were using wireless or wired ethernet....

Steve Urkel3872d ago

You dont even have a PS3 so stop bad mouthing it.
Your a bigger nerd than I am.

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Fox Jeffworthy3873d ago

I tried booting it 3 times and now it works flawlessly, this game is awesome.
totally worth 60 plus tax

Aclay3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

I have a 60GB PS3 and GTA4 has never frozen on me once. Whew! I was one of the lucky ones.

During the initial movie, I was literally praying that it wouldn't freeze because a lot of people reported that the game would freeze during the first intro movie. When the game got past that first intro movie, my heart stopped beating fast and my nerves finally returned to normal.

themyk3873d ago

i've got the 20 gig launch and the thing plays perfect.

leon763872d ago

You're lucky, but I'm more lucky than you!! Why??? I tell you:
- 1st day 5-6 hours gameplay no freezing, conected
- 2nd day 4 hours gamplay no freezing, conected
- 3rd day 7-7.5 hours of gameplay no freezing, try the multiplayer worked Awesome!!!
- 4th day (yesterday) 6 hours gameplay no freezing. MP fine!!!!!!!
Now I'm lucky or what??? but why I'm saying that I'm more lucky than you???? Because All this things that were reported for games like COD4, DMC4, Ratchet, Orange box, UT3, Burnout Paradise, PES2008, GT5 prologue, and now GTA4, reported like they affected almost the majoraty of gamers, when in fact was only a VERY FEW guys, never happened to me...In fact I HAVE EXCELENT PERFORMANCES OF ALL THIS GAMES (except the online of PES2008, very bad) IN MY PS3 60G.....
No, I'm not a extremly lucky guy...I'm just a NORMAL guy, that can realize that the majoraty of these problems coming in the net are in fact counter-information, tottally made up from some guys that the real intention is creating fear in some particular gamers!!!! Well done!!!!!

GIJeff3873d ago

i hope this gets a patch soon.

solideagle13873d ago

KISS(keep it simple stupid). that is the solution of GTAIV patch.