TotalBiscuit’s Top 10 Games of 2013

TotslBiscuit revealed their top 10 games of 2013 video in their YouTube channel.

dieforgame3832d ago

Shadow Warrior is such a fantastic game. I bought it during the last sale and couldn't believe how fun it was. Feels very much like an updated classic PC FPS.

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Gabenbrah3831d ago

Very interesting top 10 list, I'll have to check a few of these titles like Brothers, Wonderful 101, Shadow Warrior and Hearthstone, never got around to playing them.

Parasyte3831d ago

If you like card games like Magic the Gathering then you'll love Hearthstone. I'm in the beta right now, and it is awesome!

NewAgeisHere3831d ago

Where's Last of Us?Hmm...guess I'll have to unsubscribe.

Einhert3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

You do realise not everyone has to think the Last of Us is the best game ever.

This list is based on the games he personally enjoyed the most.

The Last of Us isn't in my top 10 games of 2013 either, I must be some sort of offbeat heathen for daring not to think it is the best game ever, which it is far from.

FlameHawk3831d ago

I'm a 100% sure he does not own a PS3, I think he does own a PS4 though.

Muadiib3831d ago

He does own a ps3, he hated the controls of The Last of Us. I agree with him, it is overrated.

NewAgeisHere3831d ago

Damn so much hate.....I never said Last of us was the best ever......but it not being on the list at all.....that just makes me think Biscuit didn't even play it or finish it.

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Einhert3831d ago

I really like this list, shows off games that were enjoyed not for their AAA budgets or graphics or their big name voice actors but for their gameplay mechanics and how innovatively they applied their mechanics.

Bought Brothers A tale of Two sons on the steam sale for £6 and I have to say I totally get what he is talking about how the game manages to form a strong emotional connection with good story and make the mechanics part of that connection.

Truly is a great game.

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Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition Launches November 28

Exciting news, Combo Breakers: Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition will be available TOMORROW, November 28, at 12PM Pacific!

Obscure_Observer204d ago (Edited 204d ago )


Iron Galaxy wanted to come back


Matt Booty made it happen


This is how you support your first party games! Continued support after 10 years!

The Killer Instinct fans appreciated and the whole FG community celebrates!

Congrats goes to Matt, Mick, Adam and everyone at Iron Galaxy!

Tomorrow we fight together! I can´t wait!

Barlos203d ago

I'll have to get this! Been a big fan of KI since the very first one.

Petebloodyonion203d ago (Edited 203d ago )

I love KI (still play the old arcade version) but feel like the Xbox version is like a big intimidating chessboard with no easy way to instruct you to play chess.
The game is so deep in terms of little things to do that it makes Smash Bros melee look like a casual experience.
Honestly, doing a combo Breaker is punish/reward by itself but hey you can add a counterbreaker.
Here's what you also need to know
Breaking Shadow-linker
Shadow counter
Auto double,
linker, manual


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Jingsing207d ago

There isn't going to be any chance of this being played at tournaments unless it appears on all platforms like all fighting games.


SF5 didn’t appear on all consoles and was still played at Tournaments. I’ve seen KI tournaments recently so I don’t think your opinion is accurate.