New MGS4 Gameplay Footage Released From G4 TV

New MGS 4 Gameplay Footage from (G4 TV)released.

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Breakfast5442d ago

Game looks nuts! I bet its running on 360 hardware...i cant wait to play this on Live!!

heyheyhey5442d ago

yeah the acheivements have to be completely insane, i mean come on- its Koj we're talking about here

decapitator5442d ago

What happened to you Breakfast ? You never used to be this biased a few weeks back. Sup bro ?

EastCoastSB5442d ago

Lulz wat a n00b...PSthree only!!1!1!1!!one!!!!


In all seriousness, this game looks fantastic and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Rikitatsu5442d ago

Didn't you get the Sarcasm ?

Spinner5442d ago

That was anticlimactic.

G4 at its finest

5442d ago
RecSpec5442d ago

Breakfast you know better than that.

Sarcasm is foreign to most people here.

ruibing5442d ago

Well I didn't see any disc changing screens/warnings, so that tells me it's on the PS3.

znu5442d ago

we're too used to see /sarcasm at the end

people have grown dependent on it

although it was obvious sarcasm which makes me wonder bout the n4g community

sonarus5442d ago

Haha i love the 8 agrees you got there let me bump you up to 9

jones smokey5442d ago

noW i know u u 360 fan bois love a ps3, ...mgs4 is an exlusive to the guy that put the first comment, so u need that black shiny box... =O !!!! I GOT MINE =0 BUT I AINT A FAN BOI =D

Fighter5442d ago

Looks like breakfast is a jealous fanboy who will be dreaming of playing this game next month. Good luck finding it on the 360 because it will never happen. I bet you just made that comment to get some replies. You must be really 'ronrey'.

RobotIsTheFuture5442d ago (Edited 5442d ago )

The best sarcasm in N4g can be found only on BREAKFAST TIME!!! bubbles pleaseeee lmao. Woo! MGS4 is tha big thang comin' soon!

EDIT: LOL Agreed w/ u n' all :P

TruthBTold5442d ago

bubbles to you Breakfast, a lot of people here either dont know you or realise the obvious sarcasm in your comments. Hey, remember that the 360 version also gets its own DLC later this year as well, I heard it has less pop ins and better AA....LOL. Later bro.

ZeroXMD5442d ago

stupid, idiotic comment that wastes space on the internet, people's time, and there only to make people call you stupid, in turn you call them stupid, and each and everyone of us end up having a little bit more braincells commit suicide at the retardation of it all. seriously, if you aren't going to do anything but flame or post stupid sarcastic comments, meant only to start sht, go to the damn open zone. Quit wasting space here.

btw, i agree, sesler, or whoever was playing, sucks.

I can't wait for this game. June 12 needs to time-slip to tomorrow

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heyheyhey5442d ago

MGS4 is the bee's knees, the mutts nuts if you will

basically its awesome

whoever was playing in that video sucked though- who just stands there shooting?

sneak around and flank the wankers

ruibing5442d ago

The comments, trying to be witty, just turned out to be really annoying.

Anything but Cute5442d ago

I have mine pre ordered already.

Nothing shocking on that video, I've already seen what the game looks like.

juuken5442d ago


But whoever was playing...he needs some practice there, lol.

Teijo5442d ago

your gay

XBOX Sucks my left nut!!!

3sexty rulzzz5442d ago

is the best that will ever hit ps3 and thats sad. cant wait to see it in color.

TheXgamerLive5442d ago

The game is looking quite mediocre graphically speaking, but game play seems good and the use of various multiples in game is also a plus. I like the robot snake controls.

juuken5442d ago

Teijo, I didn't say anything bad about the PS3...?
I was referring to how much the game amazes me. -.-
You're a damn troll so why am I even typing this?

Ali_The_Brit5442d ago

grey? whats the xbox show off in colour so much!?! haha like the muddy wiped through sh!t gears?

um you want colour? how about littlebigplanet. theres more creativity and originality in that game than all of the xbox exlusives combined

onewinedangel5442d ago (Edited 5442d ago )

if u havent notice this part of the game is located in the middle east .there everything is grey,but u are foorgeting something very important it will feature also a jungle location with colors and everytrhing u can watch it in the tgs 07 trailer and it looks better than anything anything yet to be realse

finally dont be jealous go play gta4 and wait til halo 3.2 or halo party warsgear animal for losers comes out cause mgs4 has alway beeen a step forward in gaming ,graph, etc etc plot story character and by the way u speak and argue i can realize u are retarded so dont even try play it cause the ultra good plot would cause u even more mental damage cause if it is not a super idiot soldier that run straight on a level full of enemies with no plot but to save the world cause he's big idiot and ultra powerful u dont understand
dont worry as kojima said"the xbox360 is just a dvd player "no good game no power no nothing

Homicide5442d ago

Its funny how the 360 fanboys get all wet for Gears of War 2, even though it has way less color than MGS4.

Sir Ken Kutaragi5442d ago

Thats all i'm going to say!!! ;-D

juuken5442d ago

3sexty rulzzz, you must be colorblind then.

The game takes place in a damn warzone. It's not Yoshi's Island for heaven's sake.

Wow, 360babies once again hate on MGS4. You're just afraid that this game will kick loads of ass, which it will.

June 12 ahoy!

WIIIS15442d ago

640p monochrome. Fantastic stuff.

ZeroXMD5442d ago (Edited 5442d ago )

have to stay in the open zone....oh...I get it, they can't say anything that isn't intelligent enough to be in the gamer zone. they constantly contradict themselves (ex. THe Fart having his avatar pissing on sony, but saying how he likes his PSP) and can't say anything that isn't flaming. They say SDF? Well, maybe if there wasn't a MFF (Microsh*t Flame Force) there wouldn't be one. Grey visuals? lol, f'n funny. Sorry this isn't halo, where everything either looks cartoony or last gen. This is an actual warzone game. AKA, bombs going off everywhere, gunsmoke constantly in the air, and REALISTIC. It may seem like i'm a sony fanboy, but really I can't stand stupid people, which most of the XBots seem to be. I like alot of games on the 360, but you xbots are the retards of gaming. Come on, Sony Droids? you couldn't come up with a better name for sony fanboys? seriously, you guys are in the open zone for a reason, because you can't debate. Even when you do trail into the gamer zone, you make idiotic comments and then laugh when you get called stupid and say, "i was being sarcastic, stupid idiot." Really, comments like that are stupid and waste peoples time and space on the internet. I'll be the first to admit the 360 and ps3 are even, but no, to you idiots, the 360 is the holy f'n grail and your god. to me, it's a gaming system, just like my ps3, just like my psp, just like my reg xbox, just like most of my pc. oh, and btw, I got my ps3 first because if I am a fanboy of anything, it's MGS. So attack/disagree/whatever all you want, i really don't care how many bubbles I have, it's not the end of the world to me

alexM5442d ago

GAYLIO3 at 640 P u mean????


X360 version of GTA4 is famous for one thing-----NO COLOUR,POP-INS and UNFIXABLE FREEZING

MGS4 is only possible on PS3... GAYlO3 is possible on BULLSHIT BOX 3FIXME

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Varsarus5442d ago

The person who was playing is a complete dumb gamer, MGS4 will be GOTY