These are the 5 best PlayStation 4 games so far

There’s no way around it — the PlayStation 4 is at a disadvantage when it comes to launch lineups. Microsoft went all out on November 22nd, filling the shelves with exclusives and multiplatform titles alike. Sony’s paltry offering consisted of just three PS4-only games, which might not be as worrisome if either the two games actually available at retail were earth-shatteringly impressive.

lifeisgamesok3860d ago

I'm surprised so many people over at Neogaf dislike Killzone Shadow Fall and there's only one other major exclusive at launch which is Knack and that isn't many people's cup of tea

They even said Shadow Fall was the biggest disappointment

Naughty Dog should come through and make a great game but it'll come late 2014 or possibly slip into 2015

malokevi3860d ago

Hopefully Infamous is as good as it looks. Should fill the void until fall. Plus multiplats will be good, Watchdog, Destiny, Dragons Age, Witcher... and so on.

lifeisgamesok3860d ago

Yeah there's so many great multiplats coming next year

Gamers are gonna be broke

I_am_Batman3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

Looking at the track record of Sucker Punch it's safe to say that Infamous: Second Son will easily live up to it's expectations.

Reibooi3858d ago

I can't wait for Infamous. I loved the first game and then the second one became one of my favorite games ever and Second Son just looks like it makes everything about the series better so yeah can't wait for that one. Will probably be picking up the PS4 Infamous bundle if I can.

Also yeah there are some great third party stuff coming. Watchdogs looks great and I expect it to live up many of the expectations it has because of the delay. Ubisoft could have pushed it out the door before it was ready and quite honestly I expected something like that to happen but it seems they really want the game to be the best it can be. Probably because they would like it to be the next big IP for them like Assassin's Creed became.

Omar913860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

A month ago I would agree with the people over at Neogaf, however if you played Killzone online lately, you'll notice how action packed and chaotic it is now. Not sure if its because of all the new players jumping on board, but Killzone is never boring anymore online. I remember when I first got the system day 1, there were times when I'm running around the map and find no one. Now I need to constantly watch my back incase someone sneaks behind me. Great stuff.

Aleithian3859d ago

I'll have to check it out then. I stopped playing it online for that very reason.

Ps4Console3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

It's the same old been done before nothing new though the graphics are quite impressive .

DigitalRaptor3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

DriveClub - Feb 2014
Second Son - March 2014
The Order - mid-late 2014
Uncharted "4" - late 2014 without a doubt in my eyes. They need that holiday push, and what better than a next-gen Uncharted that has had significant development time to be a feasible release?

There's also the possibility to play the Japanese games that will be coming out early in 2014 such as Yakuza Ishin and Deep Down - even if they're not localised, they'll still be playable.

And like you both said, multiplats, free-to-play, MMOs and indies will fill the void between exclusive releases.

Legacy2123859d ago

Didnt the guys at the order say it may not be released in 2014? Also I doubt uncharted would be ready for 2014 release. All they had to show was a little teaser this november just to let people know its coming. It wont be out till 2015 with a real trailer this e3

admiralvic3859d ago

I think you're vastly overestimating Uncharted, since we know all of nothing about the game. I mean, we don't even know if it will have Drake. What will most likely happen, is Sony will announce some heavy hitters around E3 (most likely at) and they will release this year.

"Yakuza Ishin and Deep Down - even if they're not localised, they'll still be playable."

Three problems...

1) This was true for... EVERY PlayStation 3 / Vita game besides ones that require account access and Persona 4 Arena.
2) Why did I bring up the thing above? If people wanted to play Yakuza early, then they could have played any of them early and wouldn't be complaining about 5 not coming over. These people want the story and don't have the time or resources to understand it in Japanese, thus playing it becomes moot.
3) Play a game like Yakuza in Japanese and don't read anything. If you're told to do, find or say ANYTHING, you could be lost and confused for hours without the internet.

@ Legacy212

They're targeting a Fall release, but that doesn't mean it will happen.

vigilante_man3859d ago

You cannot have Uncharted without Drake. It's like a James Bond movie without - James Bond!!!

ape0073859d ago

KZ2 was much better than SF

KZ2 was brilliant

but im happy that sf is selling well, make a way for a true KZ2 sequel....KZ4

_FantasmA_3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

Killzone 4 is way better. 2 was generic and sloppy. 3 was a little bit better. Mercenary and Shadowfall have now brought Killzone into the true shooter territory.

ape0073859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )



someone does not understand quality game design

_FantasmA_3859d ago

Yeah having slow ass aiming controls is really great game design. It wasn't realistic at all. The generic soldiers and story were terrible. Just because it was probably the first Killzone game you played doesn't mean it was the best.

RedSoakedSponge3859d ago

its like they knew it wasnt a worthy of having a numbered title. when they add a number, you know shit just got real :P

ape0073859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )


first of all i played every console KZ game

KZ2 level design, intensity, soundtrack, pacing, enemy death animation, enemies, enemy death sounds, weapons, shooting feel, Art style and MP is all better than SF, KZ2 also has the awesome Flamethrower

KZ2 felt gruesome and in your face

they definitely worked their @ss off in KZ2

SF is decent 7 to 7.5 game, KZ2 is a 9.3

SF doesn't even feel like a GG's game, it feel cold, lazy, uninspired at times and uneven compared to KZ 2, definitely rushed

Raf1k13859d ago

KZ2 was definitely awesome. The slower movements and the fact it took longer to kill someone meant you couldn't just run and gun like an idiot.

The way it was designed was great and it was well balanced too. People that complained were the ones that couldn't adapt as many were simply too used to faster titchy trigger happy gaming.

2muchw1nn1ng3859d ago

KZ2 was boring and too CoD-like IMO. The environments were also very repetitive and dull. The MP was better than the campaign. I liked SF more because it didn't pretend to be another generic shooter and introduced better stealth and gameplay mechanics (OWL) which I hope will be used in the next iteration of the series.

MidnytRain3859d ago


Lol, #cantbeserious

Load up a multiplayer vid on YouTube of KZ2 and SF side-by-side and tell us which one looks more like CoD.

Ps4Console3859d ago

It wasn't brilliant it was ok there was nothing new it was quite boring to. Be honest .

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scott1823859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

Huh... You would think the biggest disappointment would be Ryse, sitting at a 61 score. what good, major games are out besides multiplats for either system?

infectedaztec3859d ago

Forza and dr3 for Xbox, Mario and Zelda for the u

frostypants3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

@infectedaztec, it's the worst Forza ever made. There's no good reason to play it over Forza 4 unless you don't have a 360.

Garrison3859d ago

That's easy to answer, many people at neogaf dislike everything because they are a bunch of tools.

Panthers3859d ago

Yea, I am not sure either. I am absolutely loving the single player. Not sure why so many people dislike it.

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JohnApocalypse3859d ago

BF4 is my favourite PS4 game so far. Its nice to finally play Battlefield having 60 players