Sour grapes from Sony over Xbox 360 digital downloads

Sony have responded bitterly to Microsoft's TV and movie download service which is due to launch on November 22nd.

It's no surprise that Sony are slightly peeved at the fact that the new digital download service will launch just 5 days after the PS3 hits shelves in the US, and as if that wasn't enough, Microsoft are also releasing one of the most anticipated games of the year, Gears Of War, on the PS3 launch date of November 17th, and have cheekily named the day as 'Emergence Day' in a blatant attempt to take some of the shine of Sony's big day.

Sony took the opportunity to have a dig at Microsoft's new service by saying, "PlayStation 3's content is designed for everyone to enjoy right out of the box, no matter which configuration you purchase.We would never shut anyone out of the entertainment experience because they didn't have the money to buy the top of the line system..."

The console war is heating up and there's no doubt that we can expect some harsh words flying back and forth over the coming weeks.

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CG5372d ago (Edited 5372d ago )

Didnt sony say "the nexgen doesnt start until they say so" LOL
Sony are getting so desperate now its funny, there stupid arrogance and lack of respect for there competitors and us the gamers is the cause of there increasing downfall.

Sony are eating there words now. I hope the Wii crushes the ps3 next week while the xbox 360 just keeps expanding with new features and great games.
That will teach sony a lesson for next time....
Thats IF they survive that is LOL

5372d ago
Optimus Prime5371d ago

lol. quit suking off kens wang. you are a piece of crap. your console has nothing on the 360. and the game of the year is out now. you have fun with RFOM.(LAG FEST)

combatant5371d ago

Does anyone on here really have a life? Not saying i do, but i noticed myself reading these pointless forums...and for what?...Honestly, the PS3 will do well, so will the 360, and the same goes for the Wii. Why do we care who wins? It just baffles me that we are so into the Concole wars. If one side wins, do we get anything from it? Does that mean number 2 and 3 won't be here next generation? Im so lost as to why countless people spend time arguing on the internet. Argueing on ANY forum is just like participating in the special olimpics... even if you win, your still retarted. I am actually p1ssed at myself for writing this.
perhaps we all have problems. not trying to Dr. Phill anyone here, but damnn. take sometime to walk the dog or something.

Get up, relax, and realize that...there is no point to this.

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NewZealander5372d ago

I think sony needs to think about what they are replying to, saying ("PlayStation 3's content is designed for everyone to enjoy right out of the box, no matter which configuration you purchase.We would never shut anyone out of the entertainment experience because they didn't have the money to buy the top of the line system...") their cheap system still cost $499 thats still alot of money if u dont have it, so tell me how they r thinking of the public by saying they offer a full entertainment experience for ppl who dont hav the money? Sony is in panic mode with the launch of gears of war, and now the new movie download service that microsoft is now offering, takeing the lime light off their ps3 launch.

Capt CHAOS5372d ago

"..because they didn't have the money to buy the top of the line system..."

As if the PS3 offering is cheaper.

AuburnTiger5372d ago

you people act like paying $400 is cheap, lol

Daewoodrow5372d ago

Jesus, Microsoft only announced this less than a day ago, and Sony have already stuck their foot in their mouth in response.

Seriously Sony, would it kill you to spend a little time thinking about things before you make a press release? Even running it through a spell checker would make a difference. The paper clip would tell you "I noticed you're trying to piss the gaming world off. Would you like a template?", and that would make an early warning.

Two things:

1. Britain DOESN'T HAVE THE 20GB MODEL! So yes, we are shut out of the playstation "entertainment experience" if we can't afford £425.

2. They're saying the core system shuts you out of the premium entertainment experience if you can't afford it, when let's not forget, if you can afford the 20GB playstation then YOU CAN AFFORD THE PREMIUM 360. It's simple logic, so they just shot themselves in the foot.

THAMMER15372d ago

I do not think they know what is gong on at all. If people have not jumped in yet this is the time. M$ had a plan for this to work out and for Sony to have a larger media base and more brand loyal fans this seems backwards for M$ to be out doing them at every turn.

PS3 has allot of wait and see going on but will still have fun games. But $600.00 just to get started. WOW what a way to abuse brand loyalty.

FirstknighT5372d ago (Edited 5372d ago )

Only the fanboys will buy the I said before...they live and breathe matter how bad there online matter how the games dont look as good as matter all the bad press Sony has been getting about the matter how many times sony lies...they will still be in line the first day trying to get one. But the real gamers know the better system and have chosen the xbox 360.

Now I'm a true gamer and will get a ps3 eventually...but so far it offers nothing. The best launch games consist of Call of Duty 3 and NBA 2K7...which 360 has...and will be better cuz of online play. I am interested in Motorstorm, but thats pretty much it. Maybe next year. By that time xbox 360 will already release Halo2, Mass Effect, Lost Planet, etc...Damn...u know the list...way to many to AAA games. Maybe I wont get a ps3 :p

shoota335372d ago

sorry not just fanboys are buying the ps3,everyone is.ps3 is better than xbox360 in every way PERIOD! face it. And if xbox is so good it would not be selling how pathetically it is now so go away little xbox fanboy.

Ravenator5295372d ago

Really? Everyone is buying a PS3? Can you tell me how you know this?

And for you to call out fanboys is hilarious to me! Did you even read your post?

Optimus Prime5371d ago

oh of coarse every one is buying the ps3. because you are a brainwashed ps3 fanboy and you think you know everything. Sorry to burst your bubble, but i believe that your console wont have over 1million people buy it before christmas.

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