How Max Made His Way to Xbox One

When Press Play got its 2.5D physics-based puzzle platformer Max: The Curse of Brotherhood up and running on an Xbox One dev kit for the first time, the Danish developer was jubilant.

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ElementX3636d ago

"Outzen describes it as a "light touch" acquisition. Microsoft owns the company, but it lets it get on with doing its thing without sticking its nose in the inner workings of development. "We do all the games ourselves," he says. "We come up with the ideas. We do the whole production and we put it out. They want us to remain in the same kind of creative bubble."

Glad to hear MS allows their studios freedom

Bigpappy3636d ago

The guys at Twisted Pixel said the same thing. When M$ buy these independent studios, they just do it to key the exclusive content. They don't micro manage.

christocolus3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

Amen. Seems they are taking a different direction with their 1st party studios and a very positive one at that. Rares ken lobb and lionhead boss made very similar comments.

MS has given them back alot of creative freedom and brought a lot of new talent in. The new lady in charge must be behind this new attitude. Phil Harrison and Spencer too.

Pogmathoin3636d ago

This can only be good. People go on about MS, but they are not Activision when it comes to studios.... Excellent stuff.

lastofgen3636d ago

Pretty good news.
I'd hope ms continues doing this.


10 Best Platform Games On Xbox One

It’s all very well playing a super complex, graphically heavy game about time warping baddies and temporal ruptures, but sometimes gamers just want surfaces to jump between.

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Which of this week’s Xbox Live Deals With Gold bargains should you pick up? – 11th August 2015

James writes - "After a week largely dominated by EA titles on the Xbox Live Deals With Gold front, which weren’t exactly great offers, the latest sale is a welcome change. There’s no doubt it needs to deliver better deals this week, doesn’t it?"

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Legion213036d ago

Those games are too expensive, I can find them for cheaper at almost any retail store.

Perjoss3036d ago

Welcome, to a digital future!

3-4-53036d ago

Every time I see a Digital game at %40 off, and then it's still $20-40....makes me laugh.

Can go into Gamestop and get these games for much less most of the time and GET a physical copy of the game as well.

KiwiViper853036d ago

How much is a physical copy of Never Alone?

Volkama3036d ago

List is longer, but still not much of interest

Beach Buggy Racing – £5.35 – 33% off
Just Dance 2015 – £12.00 – 60% off
Max: The Curse of Brotherhood – £2.40 – 80% off
Monopoly Family Fun Pack – £16.07 – 33% off
Mortal Kombat X – £37.49 – 25% off
Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) – £6.00 – 50% off
Project CARS Digital Edition – £33.49 – 33% off
Screamride – £17.99 – 40% off
Trivial Pursuit Live! – £6.00 – 50% off
The Lego Movie Videogame – £8.00 – 75% off
Thief – £9.60 – 60% off
Zoo Tycoon – £18.00 – 60% off

oKidUKo3036d ago

Yeah the list is linked in there too :) Thief would be a good deal but i'm sure it's actually been cheaper.

MSBAUSTX3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Thief will be free soon as a free games with gold for XB1 I bet since it was already free on XB 360. Why spend money on it?

MSBAUSTX3036d ago

Sonic Generations is well worth the $6.50. You cant find it that cheap in stores. The family games sale is acutually decent on some of the titles.


Xbox 360, Xbox One Game Codes Coming To Retail

Starting this month, participating retailers in the U.S and UK will be selling digital download codes for select Xbox 360 and Xbox One games and add-ons.

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Bigpappy3397d ago

Now if they could just buy back and resell these code, I might once again be visiting gaming, retail stores. Have not visited one in over a year.

MazzingerZ3396d ago

First EA acess and now this, it appears to me MSFT did't ditch all plans and stuff about DRM...will they introduce it later when gamers are "ready"? Where MSFT itself will decide that of course as usual...wait and see.

This means retailers ser the price...could lead to more competitive prices but also the oposite...moms,dads, beloved ones won't care paying higher prices as they don't have a clue about real pricing..I guess best price would still be on XBL I guess...

troylazlow3396d ago

PS Fear mongering at it again...

matt1393396d ago

If these codes are the same price as their physical counterparts then this is really good news!

Software_Lover3396d ago

I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not lol

matt1393396d ago

I'm not. If the prices were the same i would definitely purchase all my games that way. At the moment, the prices on the xbox games store is around £15-£20 more expensive than in the shops.

n4rc3396d ago

I fail to see the purpose this serves..

Sure... It would allow people without credit cards to buy digital games..

But we've always had point/money cards.. I really don't get it.. Lol

Julion07153396d ago

This is good all retailers have price drops and sells so games at best buy might be 50 games at Walmart might be 30 this is good let them compete with the over price market place of xbox and ps store

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