Important Importables: Some of the best Naruto games

From the article, "Naruto has sadly succumbed to the same fate as Sailor Moon and Dragonball. It became a worldwide hit. That's not the bad part though, the bad part is what happens after becoming a worldwide hit - the merchandising.

Companies decide that, since a series is so beloved, the franchise becomes this mystical money-tree. They have to quickly harvest as much fruit as possible before fans get smart/grow up and it all rots away.

Which often results in subpar games. Games so wretched that you wouldn't buy them even if they were in a $5 discount bin at GameStop.

Every once in a while though, developers and publishers will get things right. A licensed property will produce a good game. Lucky for Naruto fans, this has happened quite a few times and for quite a few systems. So today Important Importables will look at some of the more successful games based on the series."

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Charlie26884966d ago

The best Naruto games, if you want classic Young Naruto Naruto: Narutimate Ninja 3, or in English the recently released Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 (LOL I already have been playing this game for over 3 years) is the way to go

For some more adult Naruto the best so far is Naruto Shippuuden: Narutimate Accel 2 but you can only find it import..don't worry there will be a English version by around 2014 :)

ArtisianDragon4965d ago

If you want great Naruto games, Import like mad, by the time we get NS: NA2 in America Naruto will more than likely already be finished in Japan :p. So yeah, just import it's way better than having to wait, and their are guides for those online who don't speak Japanese or any other countries native language.

nupes984965d ago

Rise of the NInja should definitely be on there

DethWish4965d ago

Honestly, wtf.
All Naruto games sucks, they should make a Kingdom Hearts-styled one and it would own. I want some story not just some damn fighting that I can get better from Tekken/Soul Calibur!!!

ArtisianDragon4965d ago

Umm...I hope your not lumping the PS2 ones in their because they had stories just as well. Obviously it's following the anime story and technically that is a well...STORY! It's ultimately a way to play through the anime story (PS2/3 Version) or party games/story (GC/Wii version)

So which one do you think doesn't have a story? You said you wanted Some story? Well they have some story, it's right their, your playing through it as a fighting game, it's just different than the "real-Time" battle system of kingdom hearts.