70+GB Xbox 360 Hard Drives Confirmed?

The screenshot above was snapped at an Xbox Live event and it clearly shows that the hard drive for this Xbox 360 has 70 GB free meaning that there are newer hard drives available that are at least 70+ GB. This seems to make sense to coincide with the release of high definition video content, which will demand more space than the current 20 GB hard drives have, and with demos and game videos piling up after a year of use.

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devv055374d ago

is misleading. I also think that a larger HDD will be coming, but nothing is confirmed yet.

Capt CHAOS5374d ago

Just to give Sony less of an edge but also ofcourse to get us to fill it with stuff we can buy from Xbox Live..

triniwi5374d ago

hard drive are so cheap.

Why can't they just make a 200gb one

specialguest5374d ago

if MS is charging you nearly $100 for a 20gb hard drive, can you imagine how much a 200gb hard drive would cost? even with a price reduction, it'll still be extrememly expensive. i think until there's a high demand for more storage capacity, then will MS release a bigger one.

Sidherich5374d ago

the official xbox developer kits (XDK) are special units with a 80GB HDD so this screenshot prooves nothing. And since the XDK's are the only ones that can run unsigned code it makes sense to use them on displays that in fact runs unsigned code (for demos etc)