How a Nice Gesture Ruined the Latest Banderas Meme

Kotaku: "Ruined" is a strong word, actually. Especially when you consider how adorable the end result is. D'aww!

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sinncross3211d ago

I dunno, i seem him pull it off just before the hug gets him.

thats really cool though that even PS fans in Asia know haha

Mr Pumblechook3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

Don't listen to Kotaku - they are a pro- Microsoft site and they want to kill off the Banderas!

He definitely does it. It's just that there is no pause before the hug.
It's crazy how this has become so big. Yoshida put The Banderas into words by describing it as the joy gamers feel for PlayStation 4. Lovely.

Godmars2903210d ago

Obviously the one great thing to come from VGX.

Better still that the fans are continuing it rather than Sony. Which hopefully will remain the case for as long as it lasts.

DigitalRaptor3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

This is just a part of what the PlayStation culture is all about. It seeps into the consciousness of the company, they gets the joke, they return it, and it just keeps on going. Fantastic, symbiotic stuff.

I think the closest we've seen from the other console guys is Reggie's "my body is ready", but that's not as consistent as "the banderas".

Godmars2903210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

Creepy crying baby, squirrels and Marcus. So stop that.

Also "The Banderas" in hardly a month old. Whereas "My Body is Ready" has been going on for years. So again - STOP THAT.

I mean its one thing to acknowledge something and another to offer instant blind devotion. With a side-order of written in stone history rewriting no less.

Mr Pumblechook3210d ago

Godmars, the Banderas is much more than a month old.
The original clip was used a general meme prior to this year. But then the first hard association with PS4 (that I can think of) is a clip from earlier this year of the PS4 being turned on and on the tv is the Banderas clip. Then it all went Banderas/PS4 crazy!

Memes can be so brilliantly funny in that they make a great point with a very short image.

Godmars2903210d ago

The meme might be old but its connection to the PS4 isn't. The association wont last.

I shouldn't even have had to say that.

isarai3210d ago

looked pretty smooth and well executed to me