The Division is Always-Online and Focuses a lot on the RPG Aspects

Ubisoft's next generation blockbuster The Division is a shooting game to many players, but it's also an RPG if you look at the other aspects of the game. In a recent interview, lead game designer Mathias Karlson and design director Axel Rydby told that RPG, specifically, acquiring loot and making decisions, is going to be a very big part of the game.

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lwgt122741d ago

yaah, gonna play this game on my ps4

--bienio--2740d ago

Im gonna play this on my Pc btw the best version of this game😜

frostypants2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

@--bienio--, depends on your PC. If you have a rig with $800 worth of hardware (current market value, not counting display or input devices), sure.

Trekster_Gamer2740d ago

Yaah going to play this game on my Xbox One!

kevnb2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

lets not make this about pc vs ps4... Especially not here where you wont change a single persons mind.

ShinMaster2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

@ --bienio--

It's unnecessary comments like yours that make PC fans look insecure d-bags.

The best version is the version that works best for you.

BX812740d ago

@shinmaster. So you're saying that he's wrong for saying the best version is for PC? You just said the best version is the one that works for you. Clearly it's PC for him. Chillax bro.

lwgt122740d ago

no intention to start an arguement of pc vs. consoles here. just telling what i am gonna do, and that's all.

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TheKayle12741d ago

IS ALWAYS ONLINE...cmonn ps userssss

now cry about this!

Kyosuke_Sanada2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Damn it, we'll be playing this for free online because its an MMO!

Jubez1872740d ago

I swear to God you can do 2 players on Super Mario Brothers and people on N4G will call it an MMO.

Virus2012740d ago

What? You'll still have to pay for PS+ to play The Division. The Division won't have a payed subscription (like E.S Online) and it's not free to play, therefore you'll still need to pay for PS+ for to play the game.

thrust2741d ago

Am getting it for the xbox one, xbox live;)

GarrusVakarian2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Am getting it for the PS4, PSN ;) Never had any problems with PSN, load up game, chose MP, have fun.....same as XBL, no idea why anyone says XBL is better.

Plus it will most likely run/look better on PS4.

Evilsnuggle2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

I own both 360 and PS3 . I have both PSN+ and xbox live gold. This is the biggest xboiz bullsh!T ever. Hate when xboiz fanBoys say that xbox live gold is superior to PSN . It's the biggest lie there is no difference in Xbox live gold or PSN absolutely none just PSN is free. It just as bad as is dedicated server nonsense On xboned or PS4. it depends on the game and the developer. XBoned have dedicated servers but so does PlayStation 4. SONY has a partnership with Rackspace Who is just a large a Azure . Rackspace provides cloud services for NASA And SONY. The division is my most anticipated NextGen game so far hoping for deep crafting system. Where do you xboiz get this crap SONY fan play online games . No one has a problem with games always online. the difference is we don't want to be forced to be online . if someone has a problem with the game being always online don't buy it case closed

GarrusVakarian2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )


Couldn't agree more, i paid for XBLG for years (this year being my last until i get an X1) and i only got a PS3 in 2011 and i noticed absolutely no difference at all in the 2 services. Never got kicked, disconnected a single time on PSN. It's exactly the same. As i said, you just turn the game on, chose MP and play........I don't know why Xbox fanboys seem to think it's so superior....because i saw no reason why XBLG required payment while PSN was free.

AngelicIceDiamond2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

@Trust Gets disagrees for stating he'll get it for X1

@Iwgt Stating hes getting it for PS4 and gets major agrees.

@--bienio-- says hes getting it for PC and gets hard disagree.

I wonder why that is.

Oh its this site rearing its ugly head and simply can't respect peoples decision of whatever platform they play it on. People here have absolutely no respect for there fellow gamer.

Unless your a PlayStation fan...

And yet people here have the nerve to call themselves gamers.

Barely anyone here simply can't even respect the platform others play it on wow. Yeah this site a has A LOOOOOONG way to go.

H0RSE2740d ago


You say you have a 360 and a PS3 and mention there is no difference between XBL and PSN? Yeah...cross game chat says hi...

KingDadXVI2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

I agree this game is awesome and I will also be getting it for my Xbox One.

@thrust The disagrees to your comment are a good indication of how many Fan Boys are on this site.

How can you possibly disagree with this comment. Do you somehow know that @thrust is not getting this game for his/her Xbox One and using Xbox Live? SMH.

As far as PSN vs. XBL. I have both and PSN is fine if you don't have XBL but if you have both and the game is on both platforms then it is better on XBL. PSN is slow, slow, slow. Slow for downloading, slow for matchmaking, and the user interface really is second rate. It was free and that was its only shining feature.

Ripsta7th2740d ago

No difference ? Yeah right. MS doesnt have maintanance almost every month that cripples the store and MS has way better download speed but THATS it. Thats the only trully advatange i see XBL has over PSN

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JeffGUNZ2741d ago

Thank you Kayle, you are spot on. Where are all the haters of always online now? I guess you can cancel your preorders and revolt against this game...Oh wait, it's not a MS exclusive so it's cool.

GarrusVakarian2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Again, a videogame using DRM is not the same as a company telling you that you can't play your console if you don't meet the 24 hour check in requirements.....we will still be able to trade this game in, lend it to friends, sell it at will.

Lol at people thinking this is the same thing.

Im still getting this game day long as my console remains offline-compatible then i don't care. The odd game every now and again being always online is no problem whatsoever.....especially when its an mmo like this.

HighResHero2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

It's funny that you call people with legitimate concerns "haters".

But I do agree to an extent that publishers shouldn't get a pass simply because a game in on a preferred console.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32740d ago

But Lukas_Japonicus, if this were an XB1 exclusive, you and the other sony zealots would see no difference in what you're describing, lol.

GarrusVakarian2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

@ Wraith

Thanks for telling me what i would say, i wasn't aware you knew me so well..../s.

If this was X1 exclusive i would be saying the exact same thing....And if it was X1 exclusive i would still be buying it...because guess what? I love games more than i love companies.

JackVagina2740d ago

always online and no single player gameplay is completely different...smh

malokevi2740d ago

Titanfall.... online only? NO SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAIGN?!?!?!? Should be sold for 30 dollars, waste of time, I hate online games, and so on and so forth.

The Division... online only? Praise be to god, for he has shown us the light! Online games are the greatest! online-only shooters FTW!

Anybody see the contrast? Didn't think so.

Juangie32740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

What makes this always online any different than dcuo, or final fantasy xiv? Those games are always online too...The difference is a game console being forced to be online even when playing a game that has no need to be online; versus a game that ppl have a choice on whether they want to play or not

AngelicIceDiamond2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

@Lukas The Crew, The Division and Destiny are always online. As far as we know there could be loads more games that could get announced at E3 with always online.

If those games are successful then yeah it'll be the norm.

Notice how nobodies complaining because these games look great and they have internet to play them when released.

DRM no matter who's doing it is still present on our console. You still need to sign in with a constant internet going through.

In fact a static console for both is a half baked console.

Please don't think I'm downplaying DRM console because I'm not.

All I'm saying is DRM will be presented to us no matter the form or whos doing it.

Its like running through a maze and no matter where you go and how many twist and turns you make, it'll be a dead end.

Its inevitable.

DOMination-2740d ago

All of ubis games will be always online from now. Their ceo said so. Watchdogs was originally going to be (might still be?)

MysticStrummer2740d ago

"Thank you Kayle, you are spot on."

Actually no, he has tried and failed to make a connection between two unrelated things.

There have been online only console games for quite awhile. That has nothing to do with the console itself having an always online requirement.

BitbyDeath2740d ago

There is a massive difference between one game having only an online mode vs every game (including single player titles) requiring online.

I'm against an always online system but not individual games. Warhawk was one of my favourite titles of lastgen and was online only.

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Volkama2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

PS fanboys don't mind being connected. They just all have a friend that hasn't got a stable connection for xyz reason, but they don't need to talk about them on this occassion :)

@Lukas you're absolutely right this isn't the same as a console-wide policy, and isn't necessarily going to impose restrictions on ownership (though the option is open if Ubisoft want to). There were an awful lot of people that had friends on submarines who were outraged by Don Mattrick's comments though...

SamPao2741d ago

I think it were the xbox guys that cried about xbone beeing always online, why would ps users cry about that?
They just laughed :P

lifeisgamesok2740d ago

No actually PS users said "screw Microsoft for trying to ruin gaming, what about people with no internet"

Now a publisher announces their game is always-online and it's...

Wow this is awesome

Angeljuice2740d ago


If you don't have access to internet services you don't buy the game, its a choice made by the developer to make the title online only (there are still plenty of games that you can play).

If that decision is made by a console manufacturer and you have no internet, you can't play a single game on the console (making the entire console and not just the game completely irrelevant to you).

If you can't see the difference between these two scenarios, there is something fundamentally wrong with your brain.

JeffGUNZ2740d ago

@ Angeljuice.

If you don't have internet then buy another console. It's the same thing. I don't care about people who live in poorer areas or area with no internet. I could care less about their gaming experience. This isn't world hunger here, this is VIDEO GAMES. I care about me having fun. If you are not up with the times and don't have internet, or you live in an area where their is no internet, then tough cookies. Either move or buy another console that doesn't.

Truth is no one here cares about it, they pretend to in an attempt to rag on MS. Everyone who was against DRM on this site HAVE INTERNET! Why would anyone really care? Please, don't give me the Martyr theory either, no one is buying that.

rainslacker2740d ago


What purpose is there for making a console always online? It doesn't affect you as you say, and you don't care about those without internet, and as you say it would limit their choices.

But again. What logical purpose does having an always online console serve to make the console better? That is what MS failed to impress on us during their reveal and subsequent interviews following it.

Tell me. How would having a connected console mean anything for a SP, non-connected game that had no online connectivity at all? That is where the issue lay.

Obviously having a connected SP game(Watch Dogs for instance) will require the internet for those online features. That's understandable. But why should I be required to have to connect to the internet to play say...a lego game.

MysticStrummer2740d ago

I think it's pretty hilarious to see people like Kayle, JeffGUNZ, and lifeisgames try to connect the idea of an online only game with the idea of requiring an internet connection to use your console at all.

Both PS and XB fans didn't like the idea. Enough people made enough noise that it caused MS to revise their XB1 plans. They didn't do that lightly. They flipped the unflippable switch, for Zod's sake.

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InTheLab2741d ago

Actually, PS fanboys cheered when MS announced their ridiculous always online Drm mess of a console.

The PS4 is the reason why you don't have to deal with that bulls***.

ooquis2740d ago

It's a online game.... not rocket science son.

troylazlow2740d ago

Were is the rage? or is it ok now to be always online now(like apple ios games, steam games, WoW, or 90% of last gen games!)

GarrusVakarian2740d ago

Steam has offline mode. The rage came from the entire console being DRM 100% of the time....what is it about that you people are finding so hard to understand?

CLOUD19832740d ago

The game will be available on PC too u know & I'm sure that all or almost all PS4 users have PC so no big deal we can always play it there w/o pay anything :)

MrSwankSinatra2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

why they gonna cry? it's not like PlayStation never had online only games: SOCOM Confrontation, MAG, WarHawk etc. plus equating an one game to a every game having DRM is a huge difference.

classic192740d ago

agree on that. i saw video of that fighting game for x1, ppl who was playing it, they kept getting kick back to main menu on x1 drm is showing its head on live streams.

frostypants2740d ago's always online because it's an online game, dummy. Not the same as always online for DRM.

classic192740d ago

why would ps user cry about it? its always online yes, but not the actual ps4, hints??..

Caleb_H2740d ago

An always online game is different from an always online console.

heliumhead20302740d ago

loool i was gonna say the same thing. suddenly always online is no biggie right??

shinrock2740d ago

Its PS,so its all good.

MysticStrummer2740d ago

"IS ALWAYS ONLINE...cmonn ps userssss

now cry about this!"

…as if this was in any way similar to the XB1 always online rumors…


There have been online only games on consoles for a long time now.

plaZeHD2740d ago

God damn PS fanboys are the worst.

CJDUNCAN2740d ago

Always Online , let the complaints begin.

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piffyd2741d ago ShowReplies(4)
Agent_hitman2741d ago

I can't help but to watch the demo again on YT..

Volkama2741d ago

I assume The Crew will be hosted in the same way.

Are Ubisoft hosting it? If so let's hope they do a better job than EA thus far...