BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Releasing March 25 in North America, Limited Edition Detailed

BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma will launch for PlayStation 3 in North America on March 25, publisher Aksys Games announced.

For $79.99, the limited edition includes a 40-page full color art book, official soundtrack CD, Rachel Alucard Nendoroid “Petite,” fighting moves poster, and special features Blu-Ray disc.

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Snookies121764d ago

Definitely going for the limited edition. Love Blaz too much not to.

NukeDaHippies1764d ago

As do i, live in australia and will spend what ever it takes to get it. They bring plenty of content to these games which is rare for a fighter. What ever the people below are talkin about i don't really care. their prob haters or just in denial. worse then capcom.......please.

kagon011764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

"as well as two downloadable characters, the scientist Kokonoe and the villainous Terumi"

There you have it, I won't be buying it. I'll wait for version that has all the characters in the disc and no bs dlc codes...

nick3091764d ago

& story for each dlc character.

kagon011764d ago

and games are supposed to be art lol.

With this, I don't think so...

admiralvic1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Terumi is included as a pack in / first run copy / preorder bonus, Kokonoe is not. With that being said, have fun waiting for the "full" version, since one of two things will happen...

You'll either have a really long wait (we never got a "complete" version of BlazBlue CS, but the closest we got released nearly 2 years after the base version) or never (it's entirely possible they won't release a full version or will release another game that has more DLC characters).

kagon011764d ago

Arcsys are filthy liars

Then they became Capcom

For those who criticized KI and support this game or its dlc BS, you're not different period.

For me this franchise can die, for all I care...

admiralvic1764d ago

1) I don't see how anything you said relates to anything I said. I just said Terumi is a preorder character and I didn't think there would be a full version. if you don't want to support it, thats cool and you should stand up for your beliefs, but don't reply to me like I know nothing.
2) Arc System Works has always been worse than Capcom. Let me reiterate, they have ALWAYS been worse than Capcom. This is not news and this is far from the worst thing they've done. However, the Capcom haters just want to hate Capcom and will write off a "small time" developer like Arc System Works.
For instance, BlazBlue on the 3DS does not go into standby when you close the lid, did not include online multiplayer and did not support the thumbstick. BlazBlue has also had pallet swap DLC for years, expensive DLC characters, micro-transaction/early unlock DLC, and charged you for things like new announcers.
3) That article was controversial at the time, since it was confirmed Terumi would be preorder DLC before that. This brought into question if the DLC was just an early unlock (not uncommon) or if Terumi would actually be a DLC character.

Long story short, Arc has always been a fairly awful company and if you don't want to support em, thats cool. I was just trying to be nice and tell you that you might never get the full version and that you get most of the fighters by default.

DCfan1764d ago

Well, i just got into the BB series, got BB CS extend LE and i plan to play that till CP gets the EXTEND ver. I also have lots of fighters to keep me busy until then

Inception1764d ago

The same day with The Witch and Hundred Knight. And the same month with Dark Souls 2 and FF X/X-2 HD. Yay \T_T/

nope1111764d ago

Oh yesssss, time to crush some poor Ragna spammers.