Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z English Dub Gameplay

Check out how to find the demo below on the North American PlayStation Network along with English dub gameplay.

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tayz1766d ago

I am done with DBZ!! No buy!

Snookies121766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Only DBZ game I would purchase would be a Tenkaichi HD collection. Shoot, even if it's just Tenkaichi 3 alone. I'd buy it. I seriously don't believe any DBZ game will ever be as good as Tenkaichi 2 or 3.

tayz1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

agree! should have just stopped after tenkaichi 3. or do the HD thing but nothing more!

DarkBlood1766d ago

well you were certaintly excited for some before but for some reason are done with the franchise as a whole or the game?

either way i dont see anything terrible about the game looks like any other ones i played before minus the small freedom aspect to it.

tayz1766d ago

ya! you're only looking. it was looking good to me but then i played it. thats why no buy. not fun to play.

GirlOnFire1765d ago

I love it because of coop I'm getting it on Vita because it looks good on there. I hope the later missions are harder because its kinda easy.

SegaGamer1765d ago

Looks like it could take some getting used to but i think it looks like a pretty good game.

sephiroth4201765d ago

I was excited for this game and was going to preorder, but now after playing the demo, I think i'll get it when it costs around 15 quid, this is not a proper fighting game, its not as bad as ultimate tenkaichi, but its nowhere near as a good as raging blast 2. Oh well maybe they'll get it right next game...

Neoninja1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

The last Dbz game I played was Burst Limit and it looks like it's going to still remain the last one.
As much as I like DBz, it's time to give it a break and come up with a new formula.

This one looks good and has an interesting concept with having more than one on one matches, but aside from that the game just seems confusing when the action picks up and the fighting gameplay looks the same as Raging Blast.
Maybe I just like the Budokai games too much and it takes away from the experience I would receive from the new ones.
Anyway I hope they refresh the series soon.

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