Additional ‘inFamous: Second Son’ European collector’s edition images revealed

Several new images have been revealed for the European collector’s edition of the upcoming PS4 exclusive video game, “inFamous: Second Son.”

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Minute Man 7211763d ago

Why does Europe always get better CEs that the U.S.???
This sucks, atleast give us the same thing that Europe gets

-Foxtrot1763d ago

Why does US usually get better CE then Europe...we get better Collectors Editions once in a full moon.

Hell you guys even get better Collectors Editions when it comes to Blu ray films.

Minute Man 7211763d ago

I would have loved the MOS Collector's Edition that Germany got

rainslacker1763d ago

It seems Sony's EU collector's editions are usually better than their US counterparts, however, for most other companies it does seem about even. I suppose liscensing has something to do with why we can't all just get the same collector's editions. It's like they want us to import this stuff.

-Foxtrot1763d ago


The only thing I've ever had to import was the Last of Us Post Pandemic edition....honestly couldn't believe Europe got the short end of the stick with that.

minimur121763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

I'm really annoyed at how Lightning Returns has a CE in US but not EU. I don't think we get better usually, I imported the special edition of TLOU imported because I wanted a 180 page art book rather than an A5, 50 page art book. And also an A4 version of the first comic, not an A5 version :)

I do think this version is a bit better though, but who the hell decided to have a game case as his jacket? Lol

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-Foxtrot1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

Find it a tad annoying how Delsins beanie is a full on replica in the US version but the Europe one is just a regular beanie which is the same hasn't got the ridges down it. Why change it...not really a replica if it doesn't match

Oh not to mention that hand artwork for the game cover would of been perfect as a Steelbook.

Eonjay1763d ago

Check out the pics of the game. They look amazing

BABY-JEDI1763d ago

The jacket looks a bit on the small side. See if you wear the beanie do you get super powers?