Forza 5 Only Xbox One Title Using Dedicated Servers

James Black of SpawnFirst writes: "When Microsoft pitched all of the Xbox One’s features way back in October, one of the major selling points that accompanied the system was the promise of free dedicated servers and cloud processing for all Xbox One games that would have some sort of multiplayer functionality...However, with the eventual launch of the Xbox One, eagle-eyed users of NeoGaf began to notice the distinct lack of dedicated server support in a variety of games."

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iamnsuperman1769d ago

I thought COD was getting it (there was a big thing about that a few months ago)

Hatsune-Miku1769d ago ShowReplies(9)
NatureOfLogic1769d ago

MS lied again. Shocked!/s Then again, MS broke Xbox sales records after saying "DRM is good, sike". Xbox fans actually defended MS DRM plans./sad

ThePope1769d ago

Your one bubble, doesn't defend poor grammar!

stuna11769d ago


But that still doesn't dispute the "NatureOfHisLogic"!

TheFanboySlayer1769d ago

Well I dont think they is possible but idk it is up to the publishers I guess. But if no one is using the 300000 servers then thats a huuuuge waste -__-

brich2331769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

They lied. They even lied about 360 cod getting dedicated servers.

dsswoosh1769d ago

Neogaf wrote the article.

It must be true.


shoddy1768d ago

I trust neogaf more than MS

Christopher1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Yeah, I don't think this is true at all.

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BattleTorn1769d ago

Battlefield sure ain't using em


They are using EA's own but look at that not always good.

Pascalini1769d ago

Companies have the choice

Cod etc uses it's own servers

How is this not obvious to people in the industry?

Just delete this article and move on

mikeslemonade1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Samething as PS4. Companies have the choice.

kickerz1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

So companies have a choice to use Sonys own 300 000 servers ? Man this is news to me :S

Evilsnuggle1768d ago

[email protected]
Well yes SONY has more than 300000 servers. More of m$ propaganda And spin. Xboiz thing that m$ invented and owns every dedicated server In the gaming world. SONY has a partnership with Rackspace to provide dedicated servers to SONY. So yes PS4 and SONY as have dedicated servers.

GarrusVakarian1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

"Just delete this article and move on"

That's usually the attitude you people have when something you have been shouting from the high heavens gets proven wrong....."delete the article, nothing to see here". So many times ive seen you people say something like "XBL on X1 is superior because of dedicated servers!"...."300,00 0 servers!"....."PSN SUCKS!".

Humble pie indeed. Just the usual lies and deceit from MS.

@Cueil "if a company choses not to use the free dedicated servers Microsoft offers then that's on them..."

I agree, but MS promised their customers dedicated serves for EVERY X1 game with MP functionality....they lied.

Cueil1769d ago

if a company choses not to use the free dedicated servers Microsoft offers then that's on them... EA, Activision, and 2K are jokers who use their own crappy servers

DanielGearSolid1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

"Lying to the customer" ?

Are u kidding me?

Are you insinuating that theres a person out there playing COD that feels betrayed because he got 10 kills and 15 deaths on Activision server rather than a MS server?

Edit: Replied to wrong comment

jackanderson19851769d ago

can you provide a story that has a direct quote from MS saying that every game will have dedicated servers? i remember them saying they'll have 300k available for all games but not the actual promise that everyone will

GarrusVakarian1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )


As a matter of fact i can!

""Can you confirm if the free Xbox compute resources includes dedicated servers for all Xbox One games?""

"To the question, Penello answered, simply, "yes."

I don't know about you but where im from, that's called a lie.

jackanderson19851769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

that just says that they have the resources available... it's up to the publishers and the devs to actually take them up on the offer... can't force it on a major third party

the dedicated servers come in with the buy in for the Xbox Live Compute ( ) doesn't mean they're enforcing it for every game they're just offering them with the XLC

Karpetburnz1769d ago

This is ownage to the hardcore Xboners, remember when they all said "XBL will be waaaaaay better because we will have dedicated servers for EVERY game" but the reality is its up to the developers to use it, and obviously many third party devs wont be using Microsofts servers because they will have multiple systems to develop for.

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Gohadouken1769d ago

Except that's still funny , i could swear i saw some radical xb1 fans claim they had a better experience and service , in games like cod , unlike the so called "hybrid" for the ps4 .

Hell i can even drop one name , Nukeitall .

But of course let's conveniently sweep everyone's misconception and mistakes Under the rug

Volkama1769d ago

I don't see any citation that confirms COD:Ghosts in not using Live's servers. Just Neogaf speculation.

I mention Ghosts because MS and Activision specifically announced that the game would use the servers, so it'd be news if that's a lie.

A couple of 2 player co-op launch titles using peer-to-peer is not so much newsworthy.

PR_FROM_OHIO1769d ago

But,But we have 300,000 servers!! LOL Sure Microsoft smh

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