Nintendo Forces Indie Developer to Change Name of Game Again

Junkie Monkeys: Andrew Augustin, head of Notion Games, has announced that the name for his upcoming Wii U title has to be changed once again.

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-Foxtrot1855d ago

Wow...for goodness sake Nintendo, he's doing a game for your system, the only console release.

Count yourselves lucky...jeez

Chrono1855d ago

Very unprofessional treatment from Nintendo. That's one reason why indie developers should avoid WiiU.

Concertoine1855d ago

while i agree this is a dick move and is really ridiculous of nintendo, they are largely welcoming of indies and the support many genres get by 3ds and wii owners makes indie support for wii u natural.

JackieCruise691855d ago

Huh, that's odd.
The first name change was somewhat understandable, but this second one is a little odd.

Well, at least they came to an agreement on the name.

NihonjinChick1855d ago

It's sad that this guy had to jumped through hoops and talk to an Ubisoft rep just to get the okay to add one letter.

Why did he even have to talk to an Ubisoft rep to do that? It's his game.

AKR1855d ago

It's because Ubisoft was being all smug about it, seeing that it was so close to their name.

JackieCruise691855d ago

They probably didn't want any conflict with Ubisoft. I guess Nintendo was just looking out for them? I think having to deal with name copyright problems would be worse than having to change the name.
Better safe than sorry I guess?

Rockefellow1855d ago

This is absolutely ridiculous. I can understand the logic behind it, but they got permission from Ubisoft to use "Ubie," and Nintendo is just hindering the creative design of this game (yes, the title is important for many things, including marketing and built-up brand support).

I'll make sure to buy this at full-price when it comes out, because I feel badly for these guys. Super Ubie Island? Really? Carry on, guys.

deafdani1855d ago

Although I love Nintendo... this feels like bullying.


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