PlayStation Store Update, Week of 12/17/13

Posted by Grace Chen // Director, PlayStation Store
Week 3 of our Holiday Sale starts now! There are lots of new discounts this week — check out the full list below. Long-awaited sandbox adventures Minecraft and Terraria are now available on PS3 and PS Vita, respectively. flOw also makes its debut on PS4 and PS Vita this week, and PSN exclusive rain has a nice holiday bundle available.

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Cyb3r3206d ago

Howcome most of the indie games go to PS3 and not PS4 when the PS4 content library is going to be dry for the next 3 months?

FlameHawk3206d ago

Oh I forgot that developers can magically just port to the PS4 in a matter of mere minutes.

stavrami-mk23205d ago

Magic + devs + Indies + ps4 = instant game
I've not heard of this formula and doubt it's ethnicity

C-H-E-F3205d ago

Hmm.. I just that it was Magic = instant game... your formula makes more sense

Chapter113205d ago

The TWD Season 2 Season Pass isn't available on PSN yet. I am disappoint.