Crystal Dynamics: Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition On PS4/XB1 Features More Visual Upgrades Over PC

Scot Amos (Crystal Dynamics): "The work that went into the PS4 and Xbox One versions started at the end of the X360/PS3/PC versions. They were our foundation that we then built on top of. The amount of extra work - 3 studios and a full year of development - have pushed the boundaries beyond just TressFX and upgraded textures. We now have a new particle system, new lighting work and enhanced shadow-casters, tons of more visual storytelling elements (more debris, more details on walls, more density in the environment for vegetation), upgraded characters (Lara and main story NPCs), and we've also put all of the DLC materials into this version for PS4/Xbox One. We are very happy with the PC version we released and felt these new additions and changes were something custom just for next-gen consoles at the moment"

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mikeslemonade3836d ago

"look at me I have a PC!" haha

Stsonic3836d ago

Why all the hate towards the PC?

It's really childish and happens all over the internet. I am currently enjoying PS4 more than PC. It's a relief not to have to brag I own a PC now. Smhh

BitbyDeath3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

PC only gamers just can't handle when console games look better, should get used to it though console and pc power has never been so close before so this probably won't be the last time this occurs this gen.

decrypt3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

So 60 usd for a 11 month old game which most people played anyways.

60usd for slightly better graphics over the PC sounds like a sour deal specially since the PC version can be had for as little as 5usd now.

Still just 30fps in the end lol, some improvement that is lol.

This is an epic attempt to rip console gamers over and over again lol.

Next gen consoles = getting ports of last gen games.

Gamer19823836d ago

"PC only gamers just can't handle when console games look better," Console games will NEVER look better. Thats the sad truth. Forget what developers say because first of all the Xbone cant handle 1080p and neither console can handle 4k. Thats not to mention PC can go upto and over 60FPS on any game. But frames doesn't effect visuals. Devs will say it looks better perhaps to sell another copy for those who have bought the PC version and also they are probably comparing this to the average PC user. The average PC user will have played Tomb Raider on medium settings with no Tress FX meaning the console version (ps4/xbone) will look slightly better. As not all PC gamers can afford a £600 machine. They prefer a £450 machine with a £40 a year cost and a £20 per game premium instead.

FATAL1TY3836d ago

Uncharted 4
infamous second son
Deep Down
The Order 1886
Tomb Raider: true next gen edition
Next gen NBA 2K..
Next gen Fifa..

PS4 forever
R.I.P PC -_-

BZNCAPONE3836d ago


did you just really say PC power and consoles have ever been so close? Thats a load if i ever heard. I am loving my PS4 but lets be real my Gaming PC smashes consoles period. i5 4670K running crossfire 7970s & 16gb of ram.

Yeah there really close in power :)

Somebody3836d ago


"PC only gamers just can't handle when console games look better"

Well the same is true about console gamers. They snickered about the lack of DX11-capable PC games. When DX11 finally took off after BF3 suddenly they said it's not that important.

Here something interesting from the article : "these new additions and changes were something custom just for next-gen consoles at the moment"

At the moment. Which means PC gamers will get to see those same effects, sooner or later. The only obstacle would be the publisher's decision to lock down that particular game itself. The effects though would be used in other games or replicated by other devs. Do you really think AMD would leave it exclusively to the consoles knowing that Nvidia will offering a competing design for the PC?

LonChaneyTV3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

"Crystal Dynamics: Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition On PS4/XB1 Features More Visual Upgrades Over PC"

..........and in a couple months, "Crystal Dynamics: Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition PC bound!!" , just like Deus Ex Director's cut.

.......I'm just going to wait for the discounted Steam version of this. I just hate when SE and Capcom pull off stunts like this.

BitbyDeath3836d ago


I did not mean in overall power, obviously PC's are further ahead. Devs however have limitations in how much power/spec can be used in a game and if they want to sell a good amount of copies they will need to ensure the average PC can at least play the game on high settings if not maximum.

Consoles do not have this issue, games are made to fit one architecture type.

In this way consoles ARE really close to PC power. I do not believe it has ever been this close before.

gamernova3836d ago

More visual upgrades...so does that mean console gamers can play at 1400p like I am? Lol How is stating facts bragging? Sure, some of us do it arrogantly but they are facts.

vishmarx3836d ago

you do realize visual upgrades aren't limited to resolution?

let me see your face when they announce a gta v pc definitive edition a year later.if anything thats exactly what half the pc games get.people like you then go about defending it saying you got 20%more pixels,characters sweat,hair are shampooed etc etc so it was well worth the wait

@every pc gamer on the price
pray tell,how is it that when you have the cash to spend$2000 on a gaming rig ,you call us peasants and yet you make it obvious that the LAST thing you actually wanna spend your fortune on is GAMES.its bad when the console version is $10 extra,its fine to spend a$1000 extra to play it cheaper though.im not saying that devs are fair with the whole price point but you guys are the last ones i expect to nag about the COST of gaming.since thats exactly how you judge your supeiority in the end.

decrypt3836d ago


Go on build us a rig for 2000usd and dont end up using parts like Titan or extreme edition Intel CPUs.

I gaurantee you, most PC gamers build rigs within the range of 600-800usd and that rig typically tends to last 4-5 years easy. Even after that time period upgrades to extend life can cheaply be had infact money saved on games pays for the upgrades.

vishmarx3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

you aint a pc gamer unless youre extreme...
then i can post those bleh specs in my signature...
extreme is where its at,mid range is eww..
it aint real shit if your cpu aint hot as the sun and you need rocket engine coolants to stop your apartment from melting.
and that my friend ,is the general consensus here

decrypt3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )


"you aint a pc gamer unless youre extreme... "

Sure bro, check Steam stats then tell that to the 65 million+ users just on that network alone lol.

Most of them have 600-800usd rigs they can run games maxed out at 1080p.

A well designed PC rig never uses high end parts, its always the parts that are few notches down which are used. Specially when it comes to CPUs, since mid range parts are so overclockable they tend to perform like high end parts.

Same pretty much applies to GPUs, by the way both the PS4 and Xbone as of today are pretty much low end PC parts, hence anything well designed mid range easily runs circles around the new consoles. Stop deluding yourself about PC gamers spending 2k on rigs lol.

Computersaysno3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Sorry bitbyDeath you make me laugh a bit though when you think the consoles are closer than ever to Pc performance.

They in fact have never been further away. Not in the sense where new consoles used to be able to compete with high end PCs being built as the new consoles launched.

Xbox one is pitifully slow compared to a midrange PC for any multiplatform you care to mention now and into the near future.

PS4 is better but it still has no real hope against cards now considered high end. Cards that will actually NOT even be better than midrange, when the new generation of graphics cards roll around in something like 3-4 months. By then even stuff like R9 290/GTX780 which obliterate the new consoles will NOT be considered high end, just upper midrange. I can promise that now.

PC runs away with it as usual.

You can claim a few things and argue about costs and take it down to nuts and bolts, but essentially the new consoles have nothing on a decent gaming Pc and never will performance wise in theory OR in the real world on any game you care to mention.

Dunno why people still try and bother claiming this every new console generation. Let alone one where the latest consoles are distinctly built with tight budgetary constraints and their reduction in performance relative to a modern PC is evident.

slayorofgods3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

the PS4 and xbone are new and shiny so its going to be hard to make arguments for the PC for a while. Yes, the PC is keeping up with the consoles more than it EVER has to start a console generation. But, consoles are finally on par with "average" pc gaming and they're new and exciting as PC's are where they were a few months ago.

Who cares who games on what... Face it, right now everything is more even then they ever have been, hell, the architecture in all 3 is so close to identical. So just choose what you want and enjoy it. It's a good time for gaming.

The93Sting3835d ago


I can't stand at the amount of "lol"'s you are throwing here and there, it is supposed to be written ONCE not 1,000,000 times.! SMH..

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GarrusVakarian3836d ago

I'll take better textures, lighting and particle effects over....3D. Lol.

decrypt3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

For 60usd(face palm)... and people say console gaming was supposed to be cheap lol. At least thats the propaganda everyone chants around here.

DejectedJeff3836d ago

would you also take 30 frames? and for 60 dollars when the pc version doesn't cost anything?

kevnb3836d ago

Read the comment again, textures were already upgraded on pc, they went beyond that with new particle effects and lighting.

Computersaysno3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

I doubt it will look better than the PC version, or run at the high framerates and resolutions I enjoyed on the PC version many moons ago. PS4 might manage 1080p and 30FPS but if it does then the Xbox One version will probably be turned down and less than 1080p.

Tis a good way of getting money out of console gamers but when you can get the PC version for about 6 or 7 pounds then its pretty much an irrelevance to PC gamers.

Its more for those wanting to step up or missed the PS3/360 version a year after the game came out.

Its certainly not worth the full price they will charge for it when it finally arrives otherwise.

I doubt it will actually sell very well on the next gen consoles. Most people who wanted to probably already played it on their choice platform ages ago, have no desire to pay full price to upgrade if they are likely the same people that bought new consoles they want genuine next gen console games not old ports. Its a good game ok, but not an amazingly mind bogglingly fantastic one you must buy on a new console.

Nobody wanted them old ports when PS3/360 launched either really. This is a good game but this news is hardly worth getting a froth over