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IGN - Clementine is damaged. Emotional scarring is starting to wear on The Walking Dead’s young heroine. She deals with loss, loneliness, and violence in different ways, and Season 2’s premiere, “All That Remains,” makes it abundantly clear that her innocence is lost.

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Walker1856d ago

Without lee, i don't think it's gonna be as good as first season !

SamPao1856d ago

Well that needs to be seen :)

-Foxtrot1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

Lee or not I think the hype will fade away....what else can you do with a point and click game. If a game does the same thing and continues to get good scores like COD then sorry but something is up when you criticize other games for doing the same things

If it wasn't the "Walking Dead" I don't think the first season would be getting half the good scores it got

Blacklash931856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

An Adventure PaC game like TWD is hardly comparable to CoD where issues of repetition are concerned.

"What else can you do with a point and click game?"

That's like saying "Where else can you go with a TV show?"

The obvious answer is to make more enjoyable characters and exciting events/developments in the story. It all comes down to the story.

-Foxtrot1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

"That's like saying "Where else can you go with a TV show?"

Two completely different types of media, with a game your supposed to play it, different gameplay elements, different ways to play, new designs/visuals with a TV show your just watching.

Point and click games are very limited compared to other genres.

Least with a TV show you know all your supposed to do is watch and be sucked in by the experience. Look at the Mid season finale of the TV show...what's going to happen now? Hopefully the Church/Cannibals storyline from the comic, will Carol come back, what will happen to psycho Lizzie, where is Judith, is she dead? How will Rick cope now and how will Maggie/Beth cope without their many plot lines however with the game you don't get that. You have one or two plot points and you'll see them through.

Imalwaysright1856d ago

Hype will fade away? Is that why the 1st season won several GOTY awards?

Doletskaya1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

There is no need to break any new ground in the gameplay department when, in my opinion, most people are interested in this "game" for its story, decision-making feature and characters. With that said, as long as this game succeeds in those areas, people will keep supporting the series.

Plus, if you are looking for more gameplay, there are plenty of games out there that could satisfy you, like The Last of Us.

-Foxtrot1856d ago


I meant it as in once more seasons come out

Besides at the main GOTY awards ast the VGAs...out of all the games which came out that year WD should of never won.

Imalwaysright1856d ago

You don't get it do you? The game won more than 90 GOTY awards because of its story, not because of its gameplay mechanics. Storytelling has always been Telltale's bread and butter and if they deliver a great story (again) the hype for this game won't fade away because that was the reason why so many played the 1st season.

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Eamon1856d ago

Just finished it. Definitely a great start. I think 8.0 was a bit harsh. The reviewer criticises the lack of focus on where the plot is heading. But in my opinion that is what makes TWD so enjoyable. It's a story of pure survival and watching these ordinary characters interact. It doesn't need to have a central plot.

FullmetalRoyale1856d ago



unpleasantly rough or jarring to the senses.

2.cruel or severe.

That's a bit silly, no? An eight is a great score.

Eamon1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

I meant the score was harsh because of reasons stated. Not the due the to number 8.

The reviewer said that the lack of clear direction was a fault but I disagree.

FullmetalRoyale1856d ago

What you were referring to, in this case, is irrelevant. Because regardless of what you were referring to, you used a word in an inappropriate manner.

#learnabook #thug4life

Eamon1856d ago

Not sure where you're from, but here in the UK, the way I used the word 'harsh' is perfectly normal.

iRocket1856d ago

I just finished the first episode, it was very good, but it was maybe a little too short and pretty light on character interactions and dialogue than it could had been.

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