Grand Theft Auto IV - Secret Message for PS3 Users or Firehouse Pride?

GamingGuru writes: "Well after Marc finally explained to this idiot how to find it, I did. I must agree this looks very odd. Sure, it's on the firehouse, so it is supposed to stand for Fire Department of Liberty City. Right? No harm in that.

However, Rockstar and GTA developers are not morons. Something this big and prominent can't just be a accident".

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sonarus3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

hahaha i guess 50million doesn't buy love.

Someone should check for it on the 360 version.

I like the way its conveniently rearranged from LCFD to FDLC lol

Silellak3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

It's interesting, if nothing else, but this article immediately reveals it's bias with:

"However, me and every other PS3 GTA IV player will take this a sign we choose the right version to play."

Why is everyone so concerned with finding the "right" version instead of just enjoying this incredible game? Why is EVERYTHING about the damn console war?

As #5 says below, the actual New York City Fire Department is labeled FDNY. See their homepage here if you don't believe me:

So really, this just sounds like a bunch of insecure fanboys trying to reassure themselves regarding their choice of platform.

sonarus3823d ago

No denying the article is biased i didn't really read it to be honest just started laughing once i saw the pic

beavis4play3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

sure seems like a shot at dlc.

sorry silellak, i stand corrected.

Silellak3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

Sorry, but the t-shirts are wrong:

Look at the front of the fire truck on the picture:


The t-shirts may be unofficial, I don't know. But they're definately not *right*.

dan-boy3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

it was FDNY in real life, so r* trying to emulate such, and keep things as true as possible called it FDLC.. lol ofcourse they were telling ps3 owners that they have free download content coming...shakes head! because if it's for sony, the developers work on extra stuff for free??!! and you ofcourse don't have to pay them for their hard work, and their bank managers don't want them to pay the mortgages on the months that they are crafting new stuff for sonys console. because they know they're looking after loyalty!! ridiculous do you see who approves stories like this??

i've not seen that firestation yet in the game, but i will look out for it. i know that that fire-trucks have FDLC wrote on them though.

gamesR4fun3823d ago

lol funny can anyone confirm if its the same on the 360 version?

vagina3823d ago

its in the 360 version too damn fanboys and thier FUD

ravenguard883823d ago

In New York the fire department is called "FDNY." Liberty City is modeled on New York. In addition, it is within the Xbox 360 version as well. It's just a coincidence, and everyone is blowing it out of the water.

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Montrealien3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

lol, funny. Rockstar ****ing with us? never! Let's see where this goes. BTW, is it like that on the 360 version, was this confirmed?

vagina3823d ago

it's in the 360 version too. first time i drove past it i noticed the big DLC and stopped to look at it then noticed the F so i just went about my business...

Not the Face3823d ago

your my new favorite moron!

nevelo073823d ago

if its a secret message but thats the way i feel about it, and bought the ps3 version, i like gta a lot and its a long game as it is but with metal gear 4 killzone 2 ninja gaiden 2 maybe haze, its a lot of games to play, i dont think i will be playing some 30.00$ downloadable content

Montrealien3823d ago

thx for sharing that opinion. I think I will be paying for DLC when it comes out, because I love GTA and more is always welcome. And I want to play all the games you want to play and Raid in WoW, who am I?

Sir Ken Kutaragi 13823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

FIRE + xBox 360???...

I'm Sure there is a connection!!! ;-D

+When the DLC comes out people will have moved on to other games!!! (Well PS3 players will have!) ;-D

Pain3823d ago

Pay to play DLC = No Thanks.

Why? Games get boring so u move on.....

With Socom (Online Crack) + MGS4 + A Job = Kids can play all they want i got beter things to do n play.

bite me xbots

wolfehound223823d ago

Not sure if it means anything but if this was meant as a rip on DLC high five to rockstar just classic. lol

GameClearer3823d ago

FDLC = Fire Department Liberty City, obviously!
or maybe Fantastic Down Load Content
Forever Down Load Content
Fun Down Load Content
This proves nothing its lame.

sonarus3823d ago

Point is whatever it is, if its not on the 360 version then they are hinting on something for ps3 version

skynidas3823d ago

or maybe F!ck DownloaDable Content

kingme713823d ago

What about:
Forget DLC
Free DLC

Montrealien3823d ago

Free DLC? that is what I see.

Relcom3823d ago

Future Downloadable Content

Premonition3823d ago

Heres the thing though, if the police department is called LCPD why isnt the Fire deparment LCFD? so this might be something then.

Amsterdaam3823d ago

Ok, let me lay it out for you.

1. This IS in the x360 version, this guy only has the PS3 version

No secret messages, put away your tinfoil hats and just move along now.

shysun3823d ago

R* doesn't just through any thing in their GTA games and not have a few different meanings. I'm just putting that out there. I've been playing GTA games since the beginning, most of you guys use to hate GTA because it was only on PS2 for awhile.

JasonXE3823d ago

Forever Deleting Loaded Content

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