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The Xbox One Updated Edition

Entertainment Buddha's Matt Heywood writes, "Battlefield 4 has been out since late October, but it didn’t release for the next-gen consoles until mid November, which is why we waited on reviewing the game. Even with it being a port, this game still deserves to be played on the next-gen consoles or PCs thanks to the improved graphics and increased horsepower, especially the latter which allows for 64 player multiplayer skirmishes."

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JessiePinkmanYo1764d ago

I never comment on game reviews, but NO WHERE does it state in the article of how broken the multiplayer is on ALL platforms. Crashes, glitches, rubber banding...please give an honest review

AllroundGamer1764d ago

that's because EA probably pushed on the reviewers or gave them some $$$ love, how else do you think they would sell broken games?...

twinspectre1764d ago

that's because Reviewers are Casual Gamers
they don't know nothing about Gaming
this game is a Mess and it get high score are you fudgin kidding me?

JessiePinkmanYo1764d ago

I agree, I've seen other sites actually LOWER their initial review of this game. A week or two after release in this state is acceptable, nearly two months and now reports of EA reps getting nasty with customers is BS.
This game is half baked and should've never been released in the state it's in