Sony Still 'Working Hard' on the LittleBigPlanet HUB

Push Square: "Sony has not abandoned the LittleBigPlanet HUB. The platform holder has been crafting the free-to-play creation tool for some time, but it hasn’t really said an enormous amount about it since its announcement at GamesCom earlier in the year. However, community co-ordinator Steven Isbell has confirmed that the company’s still “working hard” on the spin-off behind the scenes."

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iamnsuperman1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

I am not sure what could be taking so long as the series is basically set up as a free to play game but we have been paying for the game. All the packs are reasonably priced and there is enough content that I didn't feel cheated even when I payed for it. I wonder if the reason their has been no talk is because it will make its way to the PS4 (which would explain the silence as making all those levels work on the PS4 maybe be a colossal task)

THC CELL1767d ago

Maybe a ps4 version with cross platform play???? I could only dream

bobsmith1767d ago

I been wondering what ever happened to this, the free soul calibur, free ace combat infinity, free ridge racer driftopia all that were supposed to come this year

theshredded1767d ago

This proves that sackboy is the maskot of playstation now for people who still are not convinced.With 5 games and now 6.I always thought that f2p is the future of lbp.There's so many support for LBP and DLCs it's not arguable.Its community will expand vastly.There are many kids that play the usual cod,fifa and whatnot that i know that always wanted to try LBP but didn't with this oppurtunity there is no excuse.

PS3and4_HAS_GAMES1767d ago

What did you mean by 5 and 6? There were only 2 on ps3 and 1 on psp or am I confusing something here

mrmarvel291767d ago

I think he's meaning the lbp 1, lbp 2, lbp karting, lbp psp, and lbp ps vita

Bruce_Wayne1767d ago

He might be referring to LBP1, LBP2, LBPK, LBP PSP, LBP Vita, and this.

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Jughead34161767d ago

I would love to see LBP Hub on PS4. Why not? This is one of my favorite Sony franchises. I don't mind going back to my PS3 for this, but the boosted visuals the PS4 would give it would be great.

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