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A video review of Microsoft's Xbox One games console after getting to grips with the system since launch.

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dsswoosh1769d ago

Insert flamebait comments concerning XB1 vs PS4 below

riverstars861769d ago

I own both and love both.

Love playing PS4 with my friends on PS4.

Love playing Xbox One with my friends on Xbox One.

Love this generation of gaming!

vikingland11769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )


Have a well said bubble from me. Plus I too own both happy gaming :)

Bigpappy1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

The X1 features makes it more appealing to people who buy into having new experiences with their new console. It provides the opportunity to do other things, along with gaming, that you can not do with any other device.

1) Kinect, itself, is a very unique device. This is why the government security, schools, doctors, Apple and other PC tech enthusiast are all interested in it;

2) Being able to multitask is nice, but being able to snap any of those apps to be constantly updated without having to leave or pause you game is boss.

2) voice commands tech has come a long way. It is now used in GPS's to give instructions hands free while you drive. It worked well in windows phone Bing to do searches and find places using your voice. It work well here on X1 also. When calibrated properly, the noise canceling is unmatched.

Voice commands is not only for moving around the Dash, it also works in just about every app. Including speaking cable channels, and controlling your TV settings.

So when people who don't care about which has a bit more power compare what they can do with each console, X1 tends to win the feature battle and cause people to justify paying a bit more.

strickers1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Gimmicks mostly. I don't buy into that crap. It's also more expensive and weaker at it's primary job. Voice commands are fine for virgins in their bedroom ( see above) but irritating for those with families.I don't think much of the "new" stuff it offers over it's rival is very compelling.

stuna11769d ago

First of all, no disrespect to those who bought both, happy gaming to you all! The fact isat the end of the day is....You all made a choice to buy both consoles, regardless of the reasoning behind that choice.

The issue is of course for those who choose to side with a specific brand, they are met with the degrading title of "Fanboy, Sony Drone, Xbot, Sheep" etc. Sure some might even fit the descriptive nature of those terms, but people also have to realize that they may also have a relevant reason as to why they have chosen a specific console over the other. One can't deny the simple truth that all console makers have rubbed every individual supporter the wrong way at some point in time! It's just that some are more apt to forgive than others.

Bigpappy1769d ago

Wow. Very impressive little piece you wrote there. I literally could not have said it better.

hulk_bash19871769d ago

Will be getting one sometime next year most likely when Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive come out. But for right now my PS4, PS3 and Vita are more than enough to keep me busy.